Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 249

We were up in good time to have showers and get ready to head over to Green Turtle Cay. Once underway we only part way out the channel before Southern Cross’s engine died and they started to head back under sail. We turned around in case they needed assistance and once we were in the lee of the land there was too little wind to give them steerage and we towed them into the anchorage.

In no time we were underway again, Denis having patched up a leak in his diesel hose. The trip was short and we made it into the anchorage in good time...although we had some trouble getting the anchor to set. 1) the anchor doesn’t set well in weed, 2) no one was really communicating 3) our anchor caught a 6’ loose pipe on the bottom that we were unaware of until we pulled up the anchor after dragging it across the anchorage. Needless to say we were happy when we finally got it to set.

It was such a hot night and Grama made up some great stir fry but the cooking almost made the cabin unbearably hot! We went to sleep with the hatches open so of course it had to rain lol.


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urmum said...

Sometimes I just have to shake my head at you.

The girl who had to wear a helmet at the playground, swam with a spear....

Then hello....of course it rained because you left the hatch open. I am suprised it said it rained when I was reading it, I thought you were going to tell us about some interesting bird moving in and it's refusal to leave.

Liked the pics good job.

Love Urmum