Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 260

Well last night after the blog I headed out to the camp fire and then headed back to Sinn Fein for a movie night with Maria.

This morning Maria and I were lazy. The boys were off to marine stores and the ladies were off shoping so we laid in bed watching movies. By the time we got up it was into the afternoon and Grams told me I needed to clean up my berth...lately I have just been spending the least amount of time I can on the boat and...well it looks like a hurricane went through the V berth...

At 6 we headed up for a dinner/club party and had sooooo much food! We talked and Maria convinced me to play ping pong with her and then it was time for smores!



urmum said...

I hope those s'mores were made with Hershey’s Milk Chocolate!!!

Secondly, I wanted to send my condolences to Grama. It is disheartening to read in the blog that the 8 month long crusade to rid Niki from her "hurricane Niki" room habit is still ongoing. Living in a confined space for that length of time, my money was on Grama that she would prevail.
Good try anyways Grama, the entire family was rooting for you.

terridm said...

niki, as usual a GREAT blog I know I will have "niki blog withdrawal" when its finished !! Niki I am looking for a "wrap-up" as they sat- a summary if you will, perhaps mentioning what you have enjoyed, yes even learned from "the convey". I of course am VERY impressed with how you have been with Maria--THANK-YOU . I was also impressed with your grampa wrote regarding his appreciation of you and your gramma for making his dream come true !! What about next year ? The family are getting impatient to see Kathy--there will NEVER be another Kathy,I KNOW you agree . Lots of love and luck to all. Terri

terridm said...

Niki--I MADE 2 TYPOS I hate that, but guess too lazy 2 check before sending sorry--terri

NiceButt_Sailing said...

LMAO MOM! i was soo thinking about you when Kathy pulled out the hershey's! And in regard to your second comment I dont think any amount of time onboard could rid me of my room habit (although its harder to find room to sleep in the confined berth). If you walked into my room and it was spotless you would be wondering if aliens have abducted me and instantly conserned that i have lost my mind lmao

thanks to everyone for commenting on the blog...really id prefer to be doing physics and calc and almost anything else lol but its rewarding to hear people comment. =]