Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 265

We were going to get an early start today but it was foggy so we were forced to stay put. Papa worked on the engine, changing the oil and fuel filters. By the time we were underway it was noon. On the way we had to pass a government navy dock and saw patrol boat circling for quite a while before we saw a submarine tied alongside the wall. We crossed into Georgia and went past Cumberland Island. Papa was the first to notice a small herd of the wild horses. We pulled in at the Jekyll Island marina for the night and made good use of the facilities. It was such a hot day so it didn’t take long before we were up enjoying the pool. Tomorrow we’re hoping to be able to get an early start and get several miles behind us.


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terridm said...

niki it doesnt matter whether the icw is lacking interest or not---just keep blogging its ALL interesting to me !! i bet you will be glad to see your cat again--im wondering will u go again next year ? i would love all that u saw, but sea sicknness hits me even when docked= safe journey terri i cant wait to see maria