Monday, October 27, 2008

Captain's Log

Captain's Log.
October 27 2008

It’s raining and cold and feels like we’re not nearly far enough south. At least we’ve not seen snow. For the most part our weather has beengreat but we have had a few cold days.

We left Havre de Grace where we left the boat to come home and sailed toAnapolis for a few days, then to Solomons Is. for a couple of days and onto Hampton Roads which is just across from Norfolk V. That was a 2 daytrek and we anchored in Antipoison creek overnight on the way down. Thelast day down was the very first day we were able to shut down the engineand just sail sail the whole day. It was a vigorous sail but (for me atleast) it was wonderful. When you have a course to make and limiteddaylight you have to use engine power if the winds aren’t quite right.

At Anapolis we toured the naval academy. Solomons Is. was till recently apleasant backwater but recently has become a playground for the rich. Itgot its name since it was there the marines trained for the Solomon Is.campaign in WW II. There we met a neat gal sailor who is an amazingartist. Also saw pelicans for the first time this week. Yesterday wetaxied across from Hampton Roads to Norfolk V. to tour the Nauticus museumwhich is all about the US Navy history and it included a walk about thedecks of the Battleship Wisconsin which was one of only 4 Iowa classbattleships deployed in WW II. It also served in the Korean War and theGulf War. Most of Uncle Sam’s naval assets reside in Norfolk and they’reall on display as we sail by. We also hear the various warships declaringtheir comings and goings and telling you to keep out of the way on theVHF.

In addition to these high lites our life consists of the odd restaurantmeal, cooking and cleaning on the boat just as if at home, findingLaundromats and grocery stores, and of course the obligatory socializingand happy hours with our comrades and others we meet along the way. Herein Hampton we saw a catamaran from Nanticoke that we saw in September inport Dover. So we chatted with the skipper. There are more boats withCanadian flags than with US flags making this journey.

We plan to leave here wed and move south. This is mile 1 of theIntracoastal waterway and our first bit will be through the Dismal Swampwhich is actually supposed to be the most amazing part of the waterway. We’ll keep you posted.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 51

We woke up this morning to papa’s phone ringing. Apparently we could move to a dock today and there was one for Southern Cross as well. So not very long after Karen and Denis headed in to dock and we headed down to get fuel and a pump out, just down the creek. Finally we got docked and found Jacque, Karen and Denis had been discussing heading to Norfolk to the Nauticus Museum. It’s a must see! The first 2 floors and the battleship the Wisconsin are free to tour and the 3rd floor which is a very interactive science centre cost a grand total of $8 ea. to tour. We had a ball lmao petting sharks, attempting to fly a naval aircraft in a simulation (attempting because I failed at it haha) and controlling robots that would explore a shipwreck. Eventually it was time to head back to the boats =[ we could easily have spent a couple more hours there had they not been closing lol. Well I guess I can’t say that all in all it was a good trip…I don’t think it’s safe to ask about our cab ride… it cost us $33 to get there in a cab that was a van… and then we couldn’t get the same cab home and we had to get 2 cabs and they didn’t take the same route as we had previously taken to get there and for some reason it cost $50 each cab to get home! Needless to say people we’re extremely pissed. But got back to the boat and made a great supper and had a movie night =]. We invited Karen and Denis over and we watched the Bucket List, which is a GREAT movie =]. And now I’m really tired and heading to bed! lol


Day 50!

This morning Grama decided I needed to actually do some school work (darn I was doing so well at avoiding it :P). Karen and Denis went to move to the yacht club down the creek…only to find the slip was waaayyy too small for their boat..and when they returned their anchorage spot had been taken..of course lmao. So we got them to raft off of us on our pillars lol.
After all that excitement we headed in for the showers xD they were nice. And guess what time it was after that?!? Happy hour on nice butt lol we had Jacque from Unleaded come join in as well =]. By the time he took off we were all getting hungry for supper so we headed up for pizza at an Italian restaurant. We had a blast…and then headed to bed haha at like 930.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 49

Well we departed around 715am and headed south again.
The forecast said it was suppose to be ok in the morn but we were to have strong winds in the afternoon…which was correct…we had 24-25knot of apparent winds but we actually SAILED from about noon on! No motor lol! I had forgotten what it was like. Papa looked like a kid in a candy shop when the engine went off lmao.
We made it to Hampton Roads where we plan to spend a few days. In the anchorage we’re at there is pretty much no room! Papa had called to see if we could get a dock because Grama threw out her back again, but there were no available slips. We circled and circled and a guy on shore pointed out some pilings that marked the shallow water and told us we could tie to them =] we got the best spot in the anchorage lol! And we met up with a catamaran from Nanticoke, ON named ‘UNLEADED’ was the name and it seemed oddly familiar lol. Apparently we ran into him in Port Dover on the first day or our journey so he came over and we had a nice chat =]. It’s been a calm night so far and I’m going to head in early. I guess papas right, he’s going to make a sailor out of me…I’m heading to bed early on a Fri night!


Day 48

I didn’t sleep very well but I think this needs to be noted, I was up at 530am and had a shower and when I returned to the boat fully dressed and ready to go papa wasn’t even out of bed!!! I even managed to stay awake for the whole trip to Antipoison Creek! And Grama slept lol. It was a longish day it was really rolly in the morning but the bay flattened out in the afternoon. Sinn Fein stayed behind because he had some repairs to do and apparently Grace C was heading down today = [ I’m kinda sad we had to go.
Whippoorwill had some engine problems and turned back not long after we left and later Vertigo had engine problems as well. So it was just Nice Butt and Southern Cross. Antipoison Creek was not a place to go into in the dark. It was shallow but very pretty =]. It was a pleasant night but another early morning to follow =[.


Day 47

Today Grama and I decided to do nothing!! But that of course didn’t happen lol.
Diane, Grama and I went to town =] lol we hit the department stores and I bought another pair of shoes xD and a fishing pole lmao. It was fun. When we finally got back to the boat the day was over and we ate a great supper and headed to bed. We have a departure at dawn =[.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 46

Today was pretty lazy. I got up and did some school work and then we headed to town to get groceries and then to west marine. The grocery store was “gourmet” lmao but really it had a lot of stuff! We got lots of neat little meals and snacks.
When we got back to the boats the wind had picked up and a bunch of ppl were dragging in the anchorage so we decided to dock. Grama and Kathy managed to talk the guy down to $60 for 2 nights which is a steal with hydro and water and showers xD.
We docked Nice Butt and were waiting to help dock Sinn Fein when Vertigo came in to dock so I ran to the other dock to help them. When I got back to where Sinn Fein was suppose to dock another boat was trying to come in against the current so we all tried to help them in..but their beam was too large for the slip and they were stuck lol
From there we decided to move the boat ‘Champaign Lu Lu II’ forward so they could dock behind them. After we got them settled…. I feel so bad calling them them lmao but I can’t remember the name =[ ill get that later. Anywho by this time I had run back and forth from nice butt to the boats we were moving and docking because I needed to talk to Sinn Fein and fill them in on what was going on while they circled nearby. Finally we got Sinn Fein docked and had yet another boat come in lol.
By now we were getting tired and all boats headed to happy hour =D it was nice one of the couples we met had been living aboard for 5yrs and the wife for a few yrs before that! Needless to say the conversations were interesting.
But I wasn’t as happy as when I saw the nice hot showers xD lol. As I said to a friend earlier today living in a place with a hot shower and soft toilet paper is a luxury!


Day 45

We departed at the 730 bridge but had to wait until 8 at the Fuel dock for them to open. Eventually we got underway and headed to Solomons. It was kinda rolly but not that bad. When we arrived at the anchorage we had to circle to find a spot but eventually opted to be away from the crowed in our own little world =] it was nice.


Day 44

Again papa turned on the motor to charge the batteries waking me up lol. After we charged we headed to the Harbour Masters office where they had the showers. After Grama headed off to do laundry with Kathy and papa and Maria and I headed to the Academy xD. We actually did take the tour this time lol. It was neat and very enjoyable haha. That night we had supper at Maria’s and it was sooooooo good =]. Maria (from Sinn Fein) joined us lol and she was amused=].


Day 43

Today started out like yesterday with papa running the motor. After we completed that we decided we needed a pump out and they had a neat thing in Spa Creek, they had a pump out boat that would come to you and for $5 pump you out. It was run by the harbor master so papa called and two guys came….Grama just about peed herself when I asked if I could pump the tank full of water just so he’d have to come back ;). Later on we headed to Goodwill lol and basically didn’t do much other than that all day…lol. Around 6 we all (Whippoorwill, Sinn Fein, Vertigo and Southern Cross) had a happy hour on Nice Butt =] which lasted a little longer than an hour xD lol.


Day 42

Well there’s never a dull moment on the boat lol but today after running the motor (which they started while I was still in bed >_> ) we decided to head up to the Naval Academy and take a tour =D. It was a bit of a hike to get to the academy but I didn’t mind ;]. We got there around 3:30 but found the last tour went at 3:30 =[ but we were allowed to walk around the campus on our own. We looked through one of the exhibits in the visitors center and it was interesting but not exactly grandma and I wanted to do…. We heard about a full dress parade at 4 and decided to attend.
One the way to the field some of the Navy football players came jogging past xD and papa could hardly contain his laughter when one had to do pushups in front of us lol he was def trying to show off =P. We enjoyed it xD.
We walked to the cathedral and decided to take a look inside…the only words to describe it is breath taking. The huge stain glass windows and the HUGE organ and pipes it was gorgeous.
We sat on the steps of the cathedral and watched the parade march by….the companies and rows of them were endless! Finally when the last company passed we followed to the field and sat on the bleachers and watched the different events.
Back on the boat we had supper and a lazy night.


Day.. I believe it’s the 41st day!

Today was another hot beautiful day =]. Papa and I took the dingy and went down the creek just to look around it was fun. Later papa and Grama headed to town and left me to my school work =[ lol. We planned to have supper at 5 at a local pub with the whole group- minus Grace C who we still haven’t made contact with =[. Of course the Kentners and the McAuleys were late xD lmao. We even had Bret and Jill, friends from Ashtabula, join us. We never had a lull in the conversation lol there were so many stories to hear and tell.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day...unknown at the moment lol

Well I apologize for slacking on the blog I’ve been lazy and just talking to friends when I could get online.

Well for those of you who weren’t there great Grandma K’s funeral was beautiful and everything went perfectly =]. My great aunt Ruth needs a shout out for the work she did =] she worked her butt off to make everything perfect and we all thank her for it =].

We arrived at my aunt Connie’s on Tues after renting a car on Mon and driving forever to get back to Canada lol. On the Wed papa and I headed to St. Thomas for the day and I made a visit to the orthodontist =[ and then to PCI! Which of course was a blast xD!!!
On Thurs we made it to Meaford and stayed at Ross and Ruth’s. that night there was a visitation and we saw great grama…she looked exactly how I always remember her in her pink dress =]…it was nice.. and the amount of people who came astounded me =] ut that’s what she would have wanted =].
On Fri we had the funeral and there were lots of balloons =] each grandchild and great grandchild got to release at the gravesite =]. The plane that flew over must have been confused lol with about 30 balloons rising from the cemetery lmao.

Fri night we drove to fort Erie where we spent the night and left early the next morning to get back to the boat. Then just before we got to Baltimore we decided instead to drive to the Annapolis Boat Show =]. We spent the night just outside of Annapolis and went to the show the following morning (Sunday).

The show was HUGE! Lol and I was pleased to see all the young men from the military academy walking around in uniform ;). Grama and I never did make it around the whole show but man did our feet hurt after walking the parts we saw!! I never would have believed it to be possible had I not have seen it with my own eyes but papa out shopped me and enjoyed every minute of his shopping spree lmao!! He was worse than me in a tack shop! Later we were lucky and got a hotel room for the night in Annapolis and went out for supper with Sinn Fein =] which is always good times =]. (and Kathy promised to take Grama and I on the tour of the Naval academy xD)

Mon morn papa went to have breakfast with Sinn Fein and Vertigo and went to have one last look at the show before we took off back to the boat. We were happy to find all the work papa had requested to get done on the boat completed and working =] but it to forever to get the boat re organized lol! But we did something we haven’t done on the boat yet…we ditched the rest of the organizing to watch a move (Forest Gump xD)!!! I was amazed not even to hear papa say “a tidy ship is a happy ship” lol.

Tues. well I guess papa wasn’t completely happy with the work he did on my hatch back at Ess-kay because he talked to the guys at the Marina and had one re bed my hatch which took a while…and then we took apart the stern of the boat and re organized everything and puttered around for the rest of the day.

Today we filled up our fuel tank and headed back to Annapolis…except it took sooooo much longer to get there then it did in the car lol. We arrived at Spa Creek Annapolis at 4 and anchored with Sinn Fein and Southern Cross. We heard that Wipporwill and Vertigo aren’t very far away and hopefully Grace C will join us tomorrow =] it’ll be the first time we’re all together since we left port =].


Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 31

i posted what i had typed out yesterday but i realize i didnt complete the days agenda...around 4 we recieved a phone call from my uncle ross.. he informed us that my great grama (papa's mother) passed away at some point in the afternoon. Today we moved from where we anchored last night at the base of the Bahimian river to a marina called Tidewater Marina not very far away. From here we plan to rent a car to drive homw for the funeral that will be on either thurs or fri. So the blog will not continue until we return next sun or mon.


Day 30

Up the Delaware. We were supposed to depart at 6am at low tide but everyone was exhausted and papa had to wake us and Larry and Kathy lol. By the time we left it was 10 to 7am. It’s weird but papa woke me before dawn this morning and it’s the first day I haven’t dozed off in the cockpit while underway.

Day 29

Back out to the ocean we go heading down the coast to Cape May. We departed around 9am. We were planning on leaving sooner but the anchorage we were at had the perfect conditions to raise the main and fiddle with the rigging and the reef lines. It was a fairly laid back day a lot of sitting and dozing.
When we arrived at Cape May we were kind of disgusted with the lack of manors the power boaters had. Just coming in the channel we heard someone radio to a power boat that it was a no wake zone to slow down. The reply came quickly, the boater radioed back “wwaaaaa” like a baby crying! They would fly up behind us creating at times a 5’ wake and come only a few feet from us and proceed to cut us off! And there were dozens of them! There were only 2 or 3 locals that actually did slow down and you could tell from their cringing and the apologetic wave when another boat would fly by that they were embarrassed.
When we reached our destination of Utsch’s Marina we were surprised by the great hospitality! We even received a boodle bag upon arrival with some nut bread, maps, tide tables, bird and fish books and soap lol. Their Facilities were immaculate and HUGE! They had big single person bathrooms with a huge shower. And a nice lounge area where there was wifi as well as a huge coin laundry room that again was spotless. I’m not sure if I want to leave in the morning lol this would be a good place for a layover day with the town not far away as well as quite a few boat stores within walking distance for papa.We were invited over for a spaghetti dinner on Sinn Fein which was quite enjoyable =] and I got Maria set up to blog at


Day 28

Layover in Atlantic City. The forecast today wasn’t appetizing but tomorrow promises good sailing conditions so we’re hanging in Atlantic City for the day.
We moved to a better anchorage about 400’ from where we were lol but it had a considerable amount less current.
Our day wasn’t all that exciting all we did was try to fix the little problem of our water pipe bursting and not having the proper materials to fix it with. *rolls eyes* it was no big deal we just spent 5h trying to jerry rig it using A LOT of plumbers and self amalgamating tape lol. Oh and we decided that we can’t leave the water pressure on because it will blow.
After all our excitement we decided to have fun looking at charts cuz knowing where we’re going tomorrow would probably be a good thing lmao. But eventually papa poured a beer and we all played scrabble…well as anyone who has played scrabble with papa knows its sooo much fun lmao. He takes 1/2 h to figure out a good word and never gets less than 20 points lmao. Grama and I are sore losers (we eventually ganged up on him and helped each other and still lost!). But all in all it was a fun game the first we’ve all played together.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 27

Departure 9am heading out into the ocean blue! Today was not a nice calm day =[ we had a blue sky and it was a cooler but comfy day but man was there wind!!! There was soo much wind when we were rounding Sandy Hook our wind vien blew clear off the boat!
After we were clear of Sandy hook I layed down and passed out. When I woke a couple hours later I wasn’t feeling much better but got myself a bowl of cereal and then layed in the aft cabin for a while…well a few more hours lol. Once I was up again no matter how crummy I felt from being constantly tossed from side to side I couldn’t get back to sleep =[. I joined Papa in the cockpit and found Grama was doing as I was sleeping so you don’t feel sick lol. Eventually I felt a little better and tried to read, which I did for a few hours lol. Well not as much reading but with the breeze and the pretty scenery it was easy to get lost in your own little world thinking about home and the trip thus far and someone in particular… I kind of rolled my eyes when Grama, or maybe Papa I don’t remember, pulled me back to reality but was instantly excited to see the reason why. THERE WERE ATLEAST A DOZEN DOLPHINS PLAYING AROUND OUR BOAT! Even writing about it now I can’t help but smile lol I can’t even put words to how amazing it was watching them swim around and under our bow it was great =].
Not very long after we saw the dolphins there was a beautiful sunset with pink purple sky and a hooked moon and the silhouette of Atlantic City. I tried to take a pic but I’m pretty sure with the rolling of the boat all of them turned out blurry =[.
It was dark by the time we anchored in Atlantic City under the Harrah’s hotel which is one big TV screen on all sides. Papa jokingly was disappointed that Donald didn’t come greet us in person lol but his name (Trump) was plastered everywhere.


Day 25

Departure 9am. Well as papa said there always seems to be one big thing to wrong everyday =[. Today when we were trying to depart at 7:30am we found Sinn Fein trapped on her mooring ball. The bridal lines I explained yesterday wrapped around her prop and they were stuck. We waited around until 9 and made sure they were ok before Grace C and us head down the Hudson and passed the Statue of Liberty to Sandy Hook NJ and the Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club.
Ruth and I had talked and hoped today would be gorgeous so we could take some good pics and it turned out to be just that =]. It was a pretty motor sail and we had to pic our way through a barge anchorage…that was interesting lol they were slightly intimidating.
When we arrived at the Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club we were planning on getting diesel and a pump out but we took one look at the fuel dock at low tide and decided we’d do it in the morning lol. Here there’s about a 5’ tide and it would be soo hard to dock lol.
Later when we were settled we talked to Ruth and found out that Southern Cross was still here! At first we were skeptical wondering if Ruth had seen a boat by the name of Southern Comfort that we almost mistook for them but it was later confirmed that Karen and Dennis were still here. Apparently in the week that Dennis became a 1st time grandfather and turned 50 he throughout his back and was in a hospital nearby =S.
As well we found out that Dick’s transmission was gone again!...apparently they’re going home…they had become such a big part of the trip with all of us traveling together I couldn’t imagine them not being down south with us..
Sinn Fein arrived at the Yacht Club around 9:30pm after being towed to a place where they could get the rope off the prop…and the place where the guy didn’t give back their credit card =/.

Day 24

Well today was girls day out!! Grama even woke me to tell me she found the shower attachment on the boat so I could have a shower onboard! It was defiantly interesting but sooo nice! =]
We planned to leave the boat at 9am and go have breakfast in NYC but Murphy’s Law became evident again just as Grama and I were ready and waiting for Larry to take us ashore. We noticed the anchor was dragging and the boat was heading into the shipping lane! Grama shouted below to papa that we were dragging and papa just rolled his eyes and said “we were always behind Dick it’s just the way we swung”…lmao I just said “well dicks waaaayyyy over there!” that finally got his attention. We needed to reset the anchor but then after talking to Kath (who noticed afterwards that Sinn Fein was dragging as well) we decided to go find a ball to moor on. At the south end of the anchorage we found 3 balls and radioed Sinn Fein and Grace C to come join us. It took both Grama and I at the bow to catch the ball and let me tell you with the current it felt impossible! Luckily with the mooring balls at this anchorage they had a bridal (two ropes) already on them so you did not need to fuss with threading your own line through. When Sinn Fein and Grace C found us the wind had picked up which made it even more difficult for them to pick up the balls.
Finally after a few hours of moving and getting settled again it was noon and all the girls finally made it to shore. We headed straight for 5thave but took a nice walk through central park on the way =]. And then we all decided that before we could start shopping till we dropped we needed food or else we’d drop pretty soon lol. We found a nice little deli called Angela’s Rock and Roll Deli and I could not help but think of Ms. South (the most amazing music teacher EVER!). And the food was great. Then we were at 5thave =] we walked passed Tiffany’s and went into Gucci, Sax’s 5thave (where Kathy wanted to buy a pair of socks only to find in the 11 story building they didn’t have even 1 pair of socks lmao so we almost each bought a pair of $25 underwear) and the Gap lol at Maria’s request. We walked through the Cathedral of Saint Patrick. Oh and Maria and I got a pic with firemen ;]. Finally around 230 we decided to head to Canal st. to start the real shopping xD. By now I think we were all getting tired but once we were walking down canal st. the adrenaline started pumping lmao. The first little place we went into was all purses but once we were around the wall and just out of sight from the street the owner opened up like this secret door no one had noticed before and we walked back in to see the real nock off purses. Grama bought a purse that was an exact replica of one of the Gucci purses we saw for $16000 at sax’s for $20. I decided to wait and get one later. At the next shop I saw the coolest bag ever! Sam would be sooooo jealous lmao. The guy wanted $35 for it but I talked him down to $20 and bought it xD! Grama laughed at me cuz Kathy and her couldn’t get him past $25 =]. We went passed a ton of interesting places and in one actual store I bought a I <3 NY tee-shirt and a cute summer dress…I know about half the ppl who read this are going to go an reread that last sentence to make sure they got it right but yes I bought a cute dress lmao! We shopped until about 5pm..or that’s when we started our way back towards the subway shopping on the way =]. I ended up getting some sunglasses too and amazingly Grama didn’t buy anything but her Gucci purse. We got back on the subway and headed back to 79th st. where we were going to go to a little grocery store and then back to the boat. Once there Kathy went into another store for about 45mins lol and then we went to Starbucks. Form there we did manage to make it to the Grocery store that apparently had a rep for great cheese and there was a huge room dedicated to only cheese. After we did head back to the boat but by now it was around 8pm lmao. We all enjoyed our day out and the men just were happy to be rid of us. But I know Grama and I were thoroughly exhausted and we headed to bed early because we were to depart 7:30am.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 23

Departure 10am. WE’RE ON OUR WAY TO NYC!!! I’m not sure who was more excited Ruth or myself =] lol. It was a two hour motor to NYC and it had some pretty scenery but I was interested in the chart and how much longer lol I’ve always wanted to go to New York but have never been, even when my school took a trip to NYC and all my friends went I was unable to go = [ but slowly it came into view and even Grama was starting to get a little excited. At 79th street marina Sinn Fein docked and Kathy went ashore to talk to the marina operator. There were no mooring balls available but we were able to anchor on the north side. Once we were all set Larry came by in his dingy and picked up Grama and myself and took us to shore as his first load. We waited for what seemed like hours (only about 40mins) for him to return with Papa and Ruth. We still needed to wait for Kathy (Maria was on the dingy with Larry and dick wanted to stay on board) again we waited roughly 3/4h (papas guess therefore slightly more accurate then my own…I would have guessed 3h lmao) for Kathy to arrive. With her she brought dick and we were informed that they had moved Sinn Fein and re anchored just north of us. And then we were off to TIMES SQUARE! We took the subway and had Dick laugh at Maria and myself, we had brought hand sanitizer (in my own defense it stays in my purse at all times lmao). Once in Times Square we quickly decided to have supper and found Bubba Gump Shrimp CO. The food and service was excellent. We were seated in the Gump house…I really need to watch Forest Gump! Ruth and I shared “a Bucket of Boat Trash” lol it was fries and fish and shrimp and 2 lobster claws served in a big bucket. By the time we emerged from the restaurant it was dark and the square was all lit up! =] we headed across the street to Toys-R-Us lol and Maria and I took a ride on the indoor Ferris wheel. It was amusing =]. Just outside the doors was Spiderman! Lmao except his costume was falling apart and he had a thick accent so it couldn’t have been Sam’s brother Josh (it’s a long story but I know he is the real Spiderman!!!). Just across the street we found Batman! Lol we headed on up the street to Virgin Records and I knew I couldn’t buy anything but it was alright looking around. When we started to leave we couldn’t find papa and when we did he handed me a bag carrying something he had just purchased and said “there!!!”…I was sooo confused but opened the bag to find a DVD… Grama as well as everyone else was craning their necks to see and I just burst out laughing, I now own the movie Forest Gump. We then headed up to Hersey and the M&M place =] and of course Starbucks before calling it a night and heading back to the Subway to get home to our boat sweet boat =]. On the way home Grama, Kathy and I managed to convince papa to allow us to stay another day and the girls would have a day out tomorrow =]. Since we needed to make a few trips in the dingy Maria, Ruth, Dick and I went in the first load and we all climbed aboard Grace C. Ruth made us all hot chocolate and we watched TV!!!! (they have a little screen with an antenna). After I made it back to my own boat I was ready for bed and did a little reading. Ironically enough the book started out in downtown NYC lmao.