Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 49

Well we departed around 715am and headed south again.
The forecast said it was suppose to be ok in the morn but we were to have strong winds in the afternoon…which was correct…we had 24-25knot of apparent winds but we actually SAILED from about noon on! No motor lol! I had forgotten what it was like. Papa looked like a kid in a candy shop when the engine went off lmao.
We made it to Hampton Roads where we plan to spend a few days. In the anchorage we’re at there is pretty much no room! Papa had called to see if we could get a dock because Grama threw out her back again, but there were no available slips. We circled and circled and a guy on shore pointed out some pilings that marked the shallow water and told us we could tie to them =] we got the best spot in the anchorage lol! And we met up with a catamaran from Nanticoke, ON named ‘UNLEADED’ was the name and it seemed oddly familiar lol. Apparently we ran into him in Port Dover on the first day or our journey so he came over and we had a nice chat =]. It’s been a calm night so far and I’m going to head in early. I guess papas right, he’s going to make a sailor out of me…I’m heading to bed early on a Fri night!


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devoureddarkness said...

haha niki I'm so up at 1:34am and I'm supposed to meet my dad at 9am and supposed to get up at 7am :D I'm awesome eh~?