Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 28

Layover in Atlantic City. The forecast today wasn’t appetizing but tomorrow promises good sailing conditions so we’re hanging in Atlantic City for the day.
We moved to a better anchorage about 400’ from where we were lol but it had a considerable amount less current.
Our day wasn’t all that exciting all we did was try to fix the little problem of our water pipe bursting and not having the proper materials to fix it with. *rolls eyes* it was no big deal we just spent 5h trying to jerry rig it using A LOT of plumbers and self amalgamating tape lol. Oh and we decided that we can’t leave the water pressure on because it will blow.
After all our excitement we decided to have fun looking at charts cuz knowing where we’re going tomorrow would probably be a good thing lmao. But eventually papa poured a beer and we all played scrabble…well as anyone who has played scrabble with papa knows its sooo much fun lmao. He takes 1/2 h to figure out a good word and never gets less than 20 points lmao. Grama and I are sore losers (we eventually ganged up on him and helped each other and still lost!). But all in all it was a fun game the first we’ve all played together.


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devoureddarkness said...

and I suck at scrabble too.
Man I wanna play euchre wif you now.