Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 29

Back out to the ocean we go heading down the coast to Cape May. We departed around 9am. We were planning on leaving sooner but the anchorage we were at had the perfect conditions to raise the main and fiddle with the rigging and the reef lines. It was a fairly laid back day a lot of sitting and dozing.
When we arrived at Cape May we were kind of disgusted with the lack of manors the power boaters had. Just coming in the channel we heard someone radio to a power boat that it was a no wake zone to slow down. The reply came quickly, the boater radioed back “wwaaaaa” like a baby crying! They would fly up behind us creating at times a 5’ wake and come only a few feet from us and proceed to cut us off! And there were dozens of them! There were only 2 or 3 locals that actually did slow down and you could tell from their cringing and the apologetic wave when another boat would fly by that they were embarrassed.
When we reached our destination of Utsch’s Marina we were surprised by the great hospitality! We even received a boodle bag upon arrival with some nut bread, maps, tide tables, bird and fish books and soap lol. Their Facilities were immaculate and HUGE! They had big single person bathrooms with a huge shower. And a nice lounge area where there was wifi as well as a huge coin laundry room that again was spotless. I’m not sure if I want to leave in the morning lol this would be a good place for a layover day with the town not far away as well as quite a few boat stores within walking distance for papa.We were invited over for a spaghetti dinner on Sinn Fein which was quite enjoyable =] and I got Maria set up to blog at


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