Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 51

We woke up this morning to papa’s phone ringing. Apparently we could move to a dock today and there was one for Southern Cross as well. So not very long after Karen and Denis headed in to dock and we headed down to get fuel and a pump out, just down the creek. Finally we got docked and found Jacque, Karen and Denis had been discussing heading to Norfolk to the Nauticus Museum. It’s a must see! The first 2 floors and the battleship the Wisconsin are free to tour and the 3rd floor which is a very interactive science centre cost a grand total of $8 ea. to tour. We had a ball lmao petting sharks, attempting to fly a naval aircraft in a simulation (attempting because I failed at it haha) and controlling robots that would explore a shipwreck. Eventually it was time to head back to the boats =[ we could easily have spent a couple more hours there had they not been closing lol. Well I guess I can’t say that all in all it was a good trip…I don’t think it’s safe to ask about our cab ride… it cost us $33 to get there in a cab that was a van… and then we couldn’t get the same cab home and we had to get 2 cabs and they didn’t take the same route as we had previously taken to get there and for some reason it cost $50 each cab to get home! Needless to say people we’re extremely pissed. But got back to the boat and made a great supper and had a movie night =]. We invited Karen and Denis over and we watched the Bucket List, which is a GREAT movie =]. And now I’m really tired and heading to bed! lol


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devoureddarkness said...

lol Niki you just aren't for the simulations my dear ;D
I wanna see bucket list~ you should watch leatherheads funnyfunny movie :D
thats nice to hear that you had fun :]