Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 42

Well there’s never a dull moment on the boat lol but today after running the motor (which they started while I was still in bed >_> ) we decided to head up to the Naval Academy and take a tour =D. It was a bit of a hike to get to the academy but I didn’t mind ;]. We got there around 3:30 but found the last tour went at 3:30 =[ but we were allowed to walk around the campus on our own. We looked through one of the exhibits in the visitors center and it was interesting but not exactly grandma and I wanted to do…. We heard about a full dress parade at 4 and decided to attend.
One the way to the field some of the Navy football players came jogging past xD and papa could hardly contain his laughter when one had to do pushups in front of us lol he was def trying to show off =P. We enjoyed it xD.
We walked to the cathedral and decided to take a look inside…the only words to describe it is breath taking. The huge stain glass windows and the HUGE organ and pipes it was gorgeous.
We sat on the steps of the cathedral and watched the parade march by….the companies and rows of them were endless! Finally when the last company passed we followed to the field and sat on the bleachers and watched the different events.
Back on the boat we had supper and a lazy night.


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devoureddarkness said...

all I have to say is haha ;D
♥ LOL the work its making me say verify is babe ;D