Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 44

Again papa turned on the motor to charge the batteries waking me up lol. After we charged we headed to the Harbour Masters office where they had the showers. After Grama headed off to do laundry with Kathy and papa and Maria and I headed to the Academy xD. We actually did take the tour this time lol. It was neat and very enjoyable haha. That night we had supper at Maria’s and it was sooooooo good =]. Maria (from Sinn Fein) joined us lol and she was amused=].



devoureddarkness said...

whatcha learn on the tour niki? : D
more stuff about hot guys ;D
jkjk ily

NiceButt_Sailing said...

why yus lmao we learned all about them and decided we need to go back and watch the Plebes being initaited xD