Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 27

Departure 9am heading out into the ocean blue! Today was not a nice calm day =[ we had a blue sky and it was a cooler but comfy day but man was there wind!!! There was soo much wind when we were rounding Sandy Hook our wind vien blew clear off the boat!
After we were clear of Sandy hook I layed down and passed out. When I woke a couple hours later I wasn’t feeling much better but got myself a bowl of cereal and then layed in the aft cabin for a while…well a few more hours lol. Once I was up again no matter how crummy I felt from being constantly tossed from side to side I couldn’t get back to sleep =[. I joined Papa in the cockpit and found Grama was doing as I was sleeping so you don’t feel sick lol. Eventually I felt a little better and tried to read, which I did for a few hours lol. Well not as much reading but with the breeze and the pretty scenery it was easy to get lost in your own little world thinking about home and the trip thus far and someone in particular… I kind of rolled my eyes when Grama, or maybe Papa I don’t remember, pulled me back to reality but was instantly excited to see the reason why. THERE WERE ATLEAST A DOZEN DOLPHINS PLAYING AROUND OUR BOAT! Even writing about it now I can’t help but smile lol I can’t even put words to how amazing it was watching them swim around and under our bow it was great =].
Not very long after we saw the dolphins there was a beautiful sunset with pink purple sky and a hooked moon and the silhouette of Atlantic City. I tried to take a pic but I’m pretty sure with the rolling of the boat all of them turned out blurry =[.
It was dark by the time we anchored in Atlantic City under the Harrah’s hotel which is one big TV screen on all sides. Papa jokingly was disappointed that Donald didn’t come greet us in person lol but his name (Trump) was plastered everywhere.



Chevy =] said...

That sounds so amazing omg. Hopefully the pictures turned out =[ I want to see them.

devoureddarkness said...

wow... that is amazing. :]
I saw a dolphin once... it was at marineland?
does that give me any credit : D