Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 43

Today started out like yesterday with papa running the motor. After we completed that we decided we needed a pump out and they had a neat thing in Spa Creek, they had a pump out boat that would come to you and for $5 pump you out. It was run by the harbor master so papa called and two guys came….Grama just about peed herself when I asked if I could pump the tank full of water just so he’d have to come back ;). Later on we headed to Goodwill lol and basically didn’t do much other than that all day…lol. Around 6 we all (Whippoorwill, Sinn Fein, Vertigo and Southern Cross) had a happy hour on Nice Butt =] which lasted a little longer than an hour xD lol.


1 comment:

devoureddarkness said...

your poor papa xD
surrounded by a whole bunch of girls going looney over guys ;D