Monday, October 27, 2008

Captain's Log

Captain's Log.
October 27 2008

It’s raining and cold and feels like we’re not nearly far enough south. At least we’ve not seen snow. For the most part our weather has beengreat but we have had a few cold days.

We left Havre de Grace where we left the boat to come home and sailed toAnapolis for a few days, then to Solomons Is. for a couple of days and onto Hampton Roads which is just across from Norfolk V. That was a 2 daytrek and we anchored in Antipoison creek overnight on the way down. Thelast day down was the very first day we were able to shut down the engineand just sail sail the whole day. It was a vigorous sail but (for me atleast) it was wonderful. When you have a course to make and limiteddaylight you have to use engine power if the winds aren’t quite right.

At Anapolis we toured the naval academy. Solomons Is. was till recently apleasant backwater but recently has become a playground for the rich. Itgot its name since it was there the marines trained for the Solomon Is.campaign in WW II. There we met a neat gal sailor who is an amazingartist. Also saw pelicans for the first time this week. Yesterday wetaxied across from Hampton Roads to Norfolk V. to tour the Nauticus museumwhich is all about the US Navy history and it included a walk about thedecks of the Battleship Wisconsin which was one of only 4 Iowa classbattleships deployed in WW II. It also served in the Korean War and theGulf War. Most of Uncle Sam’s naval assets reside in Norfolk and they’reall on display as we sail by. We also hear the various warships declaringtheir comings and goings and telling you to keep out of the way on theVHF.

In addition to these high lites our life consists of the odd restaurantmeal, cooking and cleaning on the boat just as if at home, findingLaundromats and grocery stores, and of course the obligatory socializingand happy hours with our comrades and others we meet along the way. Herein Hampton we saw a catamaran from Nanticoke that we saw in September inport Dover. So we chatted with the skipper. There are more boats withCanadian flags than with US flags making this journey.

We plan to leave here wed and move south. This is mile 1 of theIntracoastal waterway and our first bit will be through the Dismal Swampwhich is actually supposed to be the most amazing part of the waterway. We’ll keep you posted.


Sammeh said...

well that's good you'd had no snow, cause well snow sucks : D
well I think it does :]
and that's pretty cool that there is a lot more Canadian ships than American that you are traveling with :]

Memryqlts said...

Glad that it's not too cold where you are. It's windy - cold - and raining or sleeting or snowing here in Chardon, Ohio. I think it's to get better tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing more of your travels thru the Dismal Swamp.

Darcon said...

in case it makes you feel any better about your weather, st.thomas airport was closed down yesterday due to 10-12cm of snow on the runway and no snowplow in sight! also, i heard there were 17 cars in the ditch between dutton and london on the 401. apparently the roads were really slippery and lots of snow! of course, it was just cold at our house. there was thick frost on the windshield this morning, but it is supposed to be 17 degrees tomorrow! go figure. well, gotta go. nice hearing from you! c.

Keray and Janet said...

Nice to follow your journey. Cold here but sunny the last two days. We have had some snow but gone now. Mabel is well Jim is coming up today for the deer hunt. Aunt Marg. not good started her chemo and is sick still in Meaford hospital. Will keep you posted.
Love to all Keray and Janet