Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 48

I didn’t sleep very well but I think this needs to be noted, I was up at 530am and had a shower and when I returned to the boat fully dressed and ready to go papa wasn’t even out of bed!!! I even managed to stay awake for the whole trip to Antipoison Creek! And Grama slept lol. It was a longish day it was really rolly in the morning but the bay flattened out in the afternoon. Sinn Fein stayed behind because he had some repairs to do and apparently Grace C was heading down today = [ I’m kinda sad we had to go.
Whippoorwill had some engine problems and turned back not long after we left and later Vertigo had engine problems as well. So it was just Nice Butt and Southern Cross. Antipoison Creek was not a place to go into in the dark. It was shallow but very pretty =]. It was a pleasant night but another early morning to follow =[.


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devoureddarkness said...

lol well thats what you get for not being able to sleep :o