Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day...unknown at the moment lol

Well I apologize for slacking on the blog I’ve been lazy and just talking to friends when I could get online.

Well for those of you who weren’t there great Grandma K’s funeral was beautiful and everything went perfectly =]. My great aunt Ruth needs a shout out for the work she did =] she worked her butt off to make everything perfect and we all thank her for it =].

We arrived at my aunt Connie’s on Tues after renting a car on Mon and driving forever to get back to Canada lol. On the Wed papa and I headed to St. Thomas for the day and I made a visit to the orthodontist =[ and then to PCI! Which of course was a blast xD!!!
On Thurs we made it to Meaford and stayed at Ross and Ruth’s. that night there was a visitation and we saw great grama…she looked exactly how I always remember her in her pink dress =]…it was nice.. and the amount of people who came astounded me =] ut that’s what she would have wanted =].
On Fri we had the funeral and there were lots of balloons =] each grandchild and great grandchild got to release at the gravesite =]. The plane that flew over must have been confused lol with about 30 balloons rising from the cemetery lmao.

Fri night we drove to fort Erie where we spent the night and left early the next morning to get back to the boat. Then just before we got to Baltimore we decided instead to drive to the Annapolis Boat Show =]. We spent the night just outside of Annapolis and went to the show the following morning (Sunday).

The show was HUGE! Lol and I was pleased to see all the young men from the military academy walking around in uniform ;). Grama and I never did make it around the whole show but man did our feet hurt after walking the parts we saw!! I never would have believed it to be possible had I not have seen it with my own eyes but papa out shopped me and enjoyed every minute of his shopping spree lmao!! He was worse than me in a tack shop! Later we were lucky and got a hotel room for the night in Annapolis and went out for supper with Sinn Fein =] which is always good times =]. (and Kathy promised to take Grama and I on the tour of the Naval academy xD)

Mon morn papa went to have breakfast with Sinn Fein and Vertigo and went to have one last look at the show before we took off back to the boat. We were happy to find all the work papa had requested to get done on the boat completed and working =] but it to forever to get the boat re organized lol! But we did something we haven’t done on the boat yet…we ditched the rest of the organizing to watch a move (Forest Gump xD)!!! I was amazed not even to hear papa say “a tidy ship is a happy ship” lol.

Tues. well I guess papa wasn’t completely happy with the work he did on my hatch back at Ess-kay because he talked to the guys at the Marina and had one re bed my hatch which took a while…and then we took apart the stern of the boat and re organized everything and puttered around for the rest of the day.

Today we filled up our fuel tank and headed back to Annapolis…except it took sooooo much longer to get there then it did in the car lol. We arrived at Spa Creek Annapolis at 4 and anchored with Sinn Fein and Southern Cross. We heard that Wipporwill and Vertigo aren’t very far away and hopefully Grace C will join us tomorrow =] it’ll be the first time we’re all together since we left port =].



devoureddarkness said...

awes that good <3
and LOL at the balloons, I would just be like.... ?? x]
checking out military men now ;D First Mennonites now Military men whats next?
Muslim men? :O hahah.
jkjk <3 you.

Darcon said...

Nice to see you back at the blog! It's addictive reading about your adventures...someday you may have to turn it into a novel! I hope you will continue to sit down every night and reminisce about the day's doings...
We have our own little adventures going on down here, and suffice it to say we are keeping busy. the air today holds the chill of winter, so i sort of envy you your shorts and t-shirts weather. on the other hand, part of me is looking forward to snuggling up by the fire with my scrapbook materials and no guilt about the gardening that isn't getting done...
i'm glad to hear that papa got his boat show fix, i'm sure he needed that. take care, and keep on blogging....c.

anti-j said...
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anti-j said...

I was so happy this morning when I checked the blog to see that you were back!! Definitely missed reading how you are and where you are. Now I am so glad you decided to post it on the blog and not keep it to yourself on paper like some people suggested :-)

Sorry to hear about your loss. I thought the balloons were both beautiful and symbolic.

Keep safe and taking those pictures. I love the colours of in some of the ones from ”Our First Stint” .