Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 25

Departure 9am. Well as papa said there always seems to be one big thing to wrong everyday =[. Today when we were trying to depart at 7:30am we found Sinn Fein trapped on her mooring ball. The bridal lines I explained yesterday wrapped around her prop and they were stuck. We waited around until 9 and made sure they were ok before Grace C and us head down the Hudson and passed the Statue of Liberty to Sandy Hook NJ and the Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club.
Ruth and I had talked and hoped today would be gorgeous so we could take some good pics and it turned out to be just that =]. It was a pretty motor sail and we had to pic our way through a barge anchorage…that was interesting lol they were slightly intimidating.
When we arrived at the Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club we were planning on getting diesel and a pump out but we took one look at the fuel dock at low tide and decided we’d do it in the morning lol. Here there’s about a 5’ tide and it would be soo hard to dock lol.
Later when we were settled we talked to Ruth and found out that Southern Cross was still here! At first we were skeptical wondering if Ruth had seen a boat by the name of Southern Comfort that we almost mistook for them but it was later confirmed that Karen and Dennis were still here. Apparently in the week that Dennis became a 1st time grandfather and turned 50 he throughout his back and was in a hospital nearby =S.
As well we found out that Dick’s transmission was gone again!...apparently they’re going home…they had become such a big part of the trip with all of us traveling together I couldn’t imagine them not being down south with us..
Sinn Fein arrived at the Yacht Club around 9:30pm after being towed to a place where they could get the rope off the prop…and the place where the guy didn’t give back their credit card =/.

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devoureddarkness said...

well thats no fun
stupid people who steal credit cards D:
=] I wanna see more pictures~