Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 24

Well today was girls day out!! Grama even woke me to tell me she found the shower attachment on the boat so I could have a shower onboard! It was defiantly interesting but sooo nice! =]
We planned to leave the boat at 9am and go have breakfast in NYC but Murphy’s Law became evident again just as Grama and I were ready and waiting for Larry to take us ashore. We noticed the anchor was dragging and the boat was heading into the shipping lane! Grama shouted below to papa that we were dragging and papa just rolled his eyes and said “we were always behind Dick it’s just the way we swung”…lmao I just said “well dicks waaaayyyy over there!” that finally got his attention. We needed to reset the anchor but then after talking to Kath (who noticed afterwards that Sinn Fein was dragging as well) we decided to go find a ball to moor on. At the south end of the anchorage we found 3 balls and radioed Sinn Fein and Grace C to come join us. It took both Grama and I at the bow to catch the ball and let me tell you with the current it felt impossible! Luckily with the mooring balls at this anchorage they had a bridal (two ropes) already on them so you did not need to fuss with threading your own line through. When Sinn Fein and Grace C found us the wind had picked up which made it even more difficult for them to pick up the balls.
Finally after a few hours of moving and getting settled again it was noon and all the girls finally made it to shore. We headed straight for 5thave but took a nice walk through central park on the way =]. And then we all decided that before we could start shopping till we dropped we needed food or else we’d drop pretty soon lol. We found a nice little deli called Angela’s Rock and Roll Deli and I could not help but think of Ms. South (the most amazing music teacher EVER!). And the food was great. Then we were at 5thave =] we walked passed Tiffany’s and went into Gucci, Sax’s 5thave (where Kathy wanted to buy a pair of socks only to find in the 11 story building they didn’t have even 1 pair of socks lmao so we almost each bought a pair of $25 underwear) and the Gap lol at Maria’s request. We walked through the Cathedral of Saint Patrick. Oh and Maria and I got a pic with firemen ;]. Finally around 230 we decided to head to Canal st. to start the real shopping xD. By now I think we were all getting tired but once we were walking down canal st. the adrenaline started pumping lmao. The first little place we went into was all purses but once we were around the wall and just out of sight from the street the owner opened up like this secret door no one had noticed before and we walked back in to see the real nock off purses. Grama bought a purse that was an exact replica of one of the Gucci purses we saw for $16000 at sax’s for $20. I decided to wait and get one later. At the next shop I saw the coolest bag ever! Sam would be sooooo jealous lmao. The guy wanted $35 for it but I talked him down to $20 and bought it xD! Grama laughed at me cuz Kathy and her couldn’t get him past $25 =]. We went passed a ton of interesting places and in one actual store I bought a I <3 NY tee-shirt and a cute summer dress…I know about half the ppl who read this are going to go an reread that last sentence to make sure they got it right but yes I bought a cute dress lmao! We shopped until about 5pm..or that’s when we started our way back towards the subway shopping on the way =]. I ended up getting some sunglasses too and amazingly Grama didn’t buy anything but her Gucci purse. We got back on the subway and headed back to 79th st. where we were going to go to a little grocery store and then back to the boat. Once there Kathy went into another store for about 45mins lol and then we went to Starbucks. Form there we did manage to make it to the Grocery store that apparently had a rep for great cheese and there was a huge room dedicated to only cheese. After we did head back to the boat but by now it was around 8pm lmao. We all enjoyed our day out and the men just were happy to be rid of us. But I know Grama and I were thoroughly exhausted and we headed to bed early because we were to depart 7:30am.



Chevy =] said...

A dress =o whaaat. I did reread that a couple times lol I can't wait to see it. =] and I definitely thought of Ms. South too lol

devoureddarkness said...

lol I would sooo be jealous shorttyyy :D
<3 you
soooo I was like :O
when I saw you
and thought bryar was talking nonsense xD
but glad I saw you babes :]