Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 46

Today was pretty lazy. I got up and did some school work and then we headed to town to get groceries and then to west marine. The grocery store was “gourmet” lmao but really it had a lot of stuff! We got lots of neat little meals and snacks.
When we got back to the boats the wind had picked up and a bunch of ppl were dragging in the anchorage so we decided to dock. Grama and Kathy managed to talk the guy down to $60 for 2 nights which is a steal with hydro and water and showers xD.
We docked Nice Butt and were waiting to help dock Sinn Fein when Vertigo came in to dock so I ran to the other dock to help them. When I got back to where Sinn Fein was suppose to dock another boat was trying to come in against the current so we all tried to help them in..but their beam was too large for the slip and they were stuck lol
From there we decided to move the boat ‘Champaign Lu Lu II’ forward so they could dock behind them. After we got them settled…. I feel so bad calling them them lmao but I can’t remember the name =[ ill get that later. Anywho by this time I had run back and forth from nice butt to the boats we were moving and docking because I needed to talk to Sinn Fein and fill them in on what was going on while they circled nearby. Finally we got Sinn Fein docked and had yet another boat come in lol.
By now we were getting tired and all boats headed to happy hour =D it was nice one of the couples we met had been living aboard for 5yrs and the wife for a few yrs before that! Needless to say the conversations were interesting.
But I wasn’t as happy as when I saw the nice hot showers xD lol. As I said to a friend earlier today living in a place with a hot shower and soft toilet paper is a luxury!



anti-j said...

So this year for Christmas you would like Newfie cream AND soft toilet paper.... You can carry it in your purse with your hand sanitizer :-)

urmum said...

Bet you wish you had some of my stash of toilet paper onboard. Guess you will never laugh at me again when I purchase a carload of ultrasoft Charmine and you have to squish in the car beside it!

What is the song....you don't know what you got, til it's gone...

Ruth said...

Nice to see you back on line. We are in Annapolis heading to Solomon's tomorrow. I love it here at Annapolis but time to head on. Hope all are well. I have been keeping posts threw Diane. Catch you later as the saying goes. Keep up the good reports.
Ruth - GraceC

devoureddarkness said...

You're missing day 42, 43, 44, and 45 D:
and sounds like your excited ;D