Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 23

Departure 10am. WE’RE ON OUR WAY TO NYC!!! I’m not sure who was more excited Ruth or myself =] lol. It was a two hour motor to NYC and it had some pretty scenery but I was interested in the chart and how much longer lol I’ve always wanted to go to New York but have never been, even when my school took a trip to NYC and all my friends went I was unable to go = [ but slowly it came into view and even Grama was starting to get a little excited. At 79th street marina Sinn Fein docked and Kathy went ashore to talk to the marina operator. There were no mooring balls available but we were able to anchor on the north side. Once we were all set Larry came by in his dingy and picked up Grama and myself and took us to shore as his first load. We waited for what seemed like hours (only about 40mins) for him to return with Papa and Ruth. We still needed to wait for Kathy (Maria was on the dingy with Larry and dick wanted to stay on board) again we waited roughly 3/4h (papas guess therefore slightly more accurate then my own…I would have guessed 3h lmao) for Kathy to arrive. With her she brought dick and we were informed that they had moved Sinn Fein and re anchored just north of us. And then we were off to TIMES SQUARE! We took the subway and had Dick laugh at Maria and myself, we had brought hand sanitizer (in my own defense it stays in my purse at all times lmao). Once in Times Square we quickly decided to have supper and found Bubba Gump Shrimp CO. The food and service was excellent. We were seated in the Gump house…I really need to watch Forest Gump! Ruth and I shared “a Bucket of Boat Trash” lol it was fries and fish and shrimp and 2 lobster claws served in a big bucket. By the time we emerged from the restaurant it was dark and the square was all lit up! =] we headed across the street to Toys-R-Us lol and Maria and I took a ride on the indoor Ferris wheel. It was amusing =]. Just outside the doors was Spiderman! Lmao except his costume was falling apart and he had a thick accent so it couldn’t have been Sam’s brother Josh (it’s a long story but I know he is the real Spiderman!!!). Just across the street we found Batman! Lol we headed on up the street to Virgin Records and I knew I couldn’t buy anything but it was alright looking around. When we started to leave we couldn’t find papa and when we did he handed me a bag carrying something he had just purchased and said “there!!!”…I was sooo confused but opened the bag to find a DVD… Grama as well as everyone else was craning their necks to see and I just burst out laughing, I now own the movie Forest Gump. We then headed up to Hersey and the M&M place =] and of course Starbucks before calling it a night and heading back to the Subway to get home to our boat sweet boat =]. On the way home Grama, Kathy and I managed to convince papa to allow us to stay another day and the girls would have a day out tomorrow =]. Since we needed to make a few trips in the dingy Maria, Ruth, Dick and I went in the first load and we all climbed aboard Grace C. Ruth made us all hot chocolate and we watched TV!!!! (they have a little screen with an antenna). After I made it back to my own boat I was ready for bed and did a little reading. Ironically enough the book started out in downtown NYC lmao.



devoureddarkness said...

that's grande. =]
Hope you have fun hun, sounds awesome. Just think ;D I went to toys r' us and the m&m place too.
in toys r' us did you go into the barbie doll house? :O

<3 you babe

Darcon said...


Darcon said...

this is so weird. i wrote this long post, then i couldn't send it, then i tried the 'testing' post and it just 'posted'. go figure. maybe i'm somebody's daughter!!!lol. anyhow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! sorry i didn't have a computer to type this from yesterday. hope you had a great day! all is well here. keep me posted. c.

mcfatstuff said...
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Chevy =] said...

Sam's brother may be the real Spiderman but there is apart of him thats with me! I swear =] lmao
anyway I'm sorry I haven't commented on any other blogs, I've read them all but my computers crashed so I won't be able to comment that often. this one is insanely slow.
I'm soo glad you got to go to NYC though =] it's so amazing there. I think when you get back a bunch of us should go there sometime. Times Square and the broadway shows were so awesome.
I miss youuuu.

love from Fattie <3 =]

anti-j said...

Congradulations on your first book Niki!!! What a wonderful comedy/adventure complete with pictures. It's sure to be a best seller and I see you already have several fans :-)

Miss you. Take care.