Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 85

Well there’s no way we can top yesterday’s events but today we had pretty exciting day doing laundry! Haha (im really bored right now)

Ed lent us his car so Grama, Papa, Kathy and I all headed to town. We dropped Grama and Kathy at the laundry matt and then Papa and I went to find a place to get our hair cut. We found one and once Papa got his cut he fetched Grama to get hers done while he finished up the laundry.

Kathy had gone off to get a pedicure so we decided to go out for lunch at a little Mexican restaurant not far away. It was kinda odd but the server there had to shake everyone’s hand. He said it was nice to meet you to papa and stood there with his hand out until papa shook his hand =/.

When we got back to the boat we had a pretty lazy night just relaxing. We didn’t even bother to have supper we were so full after lunch.


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Sammeh said...

lol so I read "shake everybody's head" I was like... yah that would be really weird. :p

day 85 is really boring compared to day 84 :p
the word verification is telling me to spell: coment :p haha
I'm tired.