Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 89

When we woke up this morning it was very foggy. With us not being able to get an early start going outside would be impossible so Kathy and Archie decided to stay. Ourselves on the other hand wanted to move and see something new.

We headed alone down the ICW to Jacksonville Beach. When we arrived we decided to mount our TV arm and out TV on the wall. It took a while but its sweet lmao. Shortly after we noticed we had started to have some electrical problems and papa had a guy come to look at it. Since we weren’t going out for supper right away headed up to the boat house where they’d let you plug in to internet. I stayed online until it was closing and even had the guy stayed a little late for me haha. This is a place where i would like to layover.

When i returned to the boat Andy (the mechanic) was just finishing up and we headed to the restaurant for supper. It was definitely a good choice. It was good food (and we had Gator Bites again) and they were having some sort of music might where almost everyone there was scheduled to sing or play a song or two.

As we were sitting there Grama said “it’s starting to feel a little bit like vacation” and I had to agree =] it was nice.


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Sammeh said...

and soon you'll be like I wanna be back in the sun, and not in the cold like me :p haha.
you're going to have to explain to me how gater bites taste. o.o
it just sounds really really strange
haha love you♥