Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 87

Well another debate we’ve been having is everyone else has a TV with a little (but really good) antenna and they can get about 12 station in the middle of nowhere!...and Grama and I really want one! We brought it up to papa (again) and to our amazement he said ok and they went to look at TV’s today! Honestly i thought he would humour us and go look but there was no way we’d get one.

I opted to stay behind while they went because i wasn’t feeling too well and about 45mins after they left they called me and got me to measure the three spots we might be able to put it.

When they arrived back Papa was carrying a big box! =] We felt like kids at Christmas when we opened it lmao and it! He bought us a 19” flat screen and a swivel arm thing haha for when we mount it on the wall. We hurried and plugged it in and got the antenna on and sat there watching a couple commercials before switching through the channels.

Tonight we had Archie and Lindsey, the captain of the gorgeous sailing vessel Janey and his friend who flew down for a week for thanksgiving, and Kathy and Larry over for supper. It was a fun night, everyone chatted and although we did mute the TV we couldn’t bring ourselves to turn it off lmao.

In our talks we semi decided that Janey, Sinn Fein and ourselves would head out on Wed (today is Mon. Dec. 1st) and do a long day sail out in the ocean to St. Augustine, which through the ICW is a two day hull.


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Sammeh said...

lol I totally remember you and I were discussing on where it would be put.
Where did the t.v end up going?

and lol nice big box. 19' :D
but congrats, keeps you guys entertained :]♥