Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 90

Well i got up this morning and headed for the showers early. I tried to convince papa to layover here but that wasn’t happening so i wanted to quickly get up to the boat house and get online. When we were getting ready to cast off we had some more electric problems... which was a bummer but I headed up to the boat house to stay out of the way.

When we finally departed it was a short day to St. Augustine and we got in early enough to walk into town. The town had some amazing Spanish architecture with detailed balconys and borders. We walked down the main street and looked in a few little shops and eventually decided to go into a little Greek restaurant for supper.

After we ate we decided to take the lights tour we had heard about earlier. It took us around the town to see the Christmas lights and past the Ripley’s Believe it or not Museum that ran the lights tour.

When we made it back to the boat i took to sitting on the bow where i could get somewhat of an internet connection and could make a few calls home =].


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Sammeh said...

pictures? pictures? will go and check later.
so I am getting the mic on saturday as well a rug, and pictures taken.
so I can talkish with you soon ♥