Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 94

We woke up and had a little bit of a late start, taking time to eat breakfast before we got underway.
We thought that since we went for so long yesterday that we would only go maybe 50 miles today and stop in good time (long before dusk).
While underway we noticed the vibration in the shaft getting worse and papa looked up a place where we could be hulled and have the cutlass bearing replaced and the shaft realigned. He found a place in Fort Peirce that seemed reasonable and was close...or he thought was close. Since he made arrangements for us to be there tomorrow we needed to keep moving in order to get close so we could get in early and give the mechanics time to inspect the boat before its hulled in the morning. So we looked at the carts and decided we would go to some marina on down the ICW.
It was getting late when we neared the marina and we were soo ready to pull in after what now was two long days of traveling...but there was a problem...none of the 4 marinas in the area had enough depth for us to get in! We were forced to carry on.
An hour and a half later the sun was setting and we reached Pauls Island. Here was an anchorage just off the ICW. We anchored in a little over 5’ of water and put up our stay sail. Tonight was suppose to be windy.
We were all exhausted and happy to sit in the cockpit and eat a light supper. It was warm and we rolled up the back of the enclosure while we ate.
At one point in time we heard either a dolphin or a manatee surface but by the time we got up to look it was gone.


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Sammeh said...

I believe its your first time mentioning manatee.. have you seen one? picturepicturepicture? :o

frankly, I find this day more uneventful than the last one. The flamingo just liked had my day :D