Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 92

We decided to layover a day. Today was beautiful. It was soo hot and sunny. Pretty much all day I worked on my slideshow since the fact that we could be going home any day had finally sunk in lol. Grama walked up and did some laundry and Papa and Gram’s did a little walk into town.

Since getting our TV we’ve had upwards of 20 channels that we could watch but here we can only receive 2 channels that are completely snowy =[. Later in the evening this started to bug Grama and apparently they had cable there so we decided to run a cord from the TV, through my berth, up my hatch and around the jib to the connection. When we looked on the dock there were 4 places you could plug in...and of course none worked lol.

While we were out fooling around we noticed people cheering and shouting merry Christmas on down towards the ICW. When we looked closely we saw a parade of boats decorated with Christmas decorations heading past. We had heard of the boat parade but had never been given a date or time so we thought we would run over and see if we could catch the end of the parade. We got there just as the last boat passed us =[ but then we were told that almost all of the boats had to turn around and come back past to return to their docks. So we pretty much got to see the whole parade =].

Once we were back on the dock we saw one of the boats that had been in the parade turning into our marina. We watched and they seemed to be having trouble docking so we went over to lend a hand and toss them their lines.

Once they were secure they offered for us to come aboard and have a drink with them, which we accepted. One of the couples was Dutch while the other was English and we chatted of a while.

After a while i headed back to Nice Butt and downloaded a movie for us (4 Christmases) and once everyone was back on board we made some supper and watched the movie.


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Sammeh said...

ouuu boat parade~ :p
I went to a german christmas last weekend it was really strange. but fun :p
yay christmas is almost here panda~ can't you feel the wintery cold snow coming :P hahhaha.
♥jk love.