Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 151

We actually went to Atlantis today! Brenda and Walter didn’t join us and for a while we thought Nick and Sabrina off of a boat we met (Wonderlust...I think that’s how it’s spelt) would come with but we couldn’t get a hold of them =[. But Bob, Margret, Christine and ourselves had a GREAT time! It was amazing looking at their aquarium!...Well technically we didn’t tour the aquarium we just looked at the one in the lobby, which is HUGE! They had 2 manta rays each having a 6’ span and 2 smaller rays that had about a 4’ span. There were 2 leopard nurse sharks (or at least that’s what we thought they were) and HUNDREDS of fish (not as many as we saw in Bimini mind you but these fish were bigger).

On the way home we went back to the Dive shop and Papa bought a wetsuit for himself (and I really REALLY tried to convince him that we should get the underwater camera and I made sure to tell him how much I love him :P but he wouldn’t budge...but I mean it was only $400 x] ).


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Sammeh said...

so you look like a queen in that chair
and you're like being too aggressive with your grandparents bad panda D:
but you're a cutie in the one with your gramma :]

lol fishes are awesome
even though they don't do tricks for you D:
but pandas do~ :D
YAY~ ily~ imy~