Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 155

Well today was just as windy as predicted. I haven’t seen any less than 17knots of wind but we’ve had gusts up to 32knots! To put it a little bit into perspective when we had the roughest day with the tail end of a hurricane, day 20-21 I believe, we had 45-50knot winds. Also the big powerboat at the end of our dock (the one we’ve been getting internet from) left today and within an hour was back. This boat is over 80’ long, has roughly a 30’ beam and they had to turn around today!

It’s still a bit chilly down here and even in the sun a long-sleeved shirt was needed. Grama and I did laundry and I did quite a bit of hw. We also picked up a few more groceries in case we leave tomorrow. It’s looking like it could be an ok day but Walter got a bit of food poisoning we believe from some conch he ate =/ so we might wait another day to leave....umm I’m not sure what else to report.

If we do head out tomorrow we’re not sure where we’re going to go. Normans Cay looked good but then we miss Rose Island and such so our destination is still a debate and it’ll have a lot to do with the weather and wind direction. As well it is possible that we won’t have internet again until we hit Georgetown (and no Aunti J I can’t visit =[ it’s not Georgetown Ontario) which could be 2-3weeks away.


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