Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 152

We had a meeting this morning with Say Yes and Brandaris about whether or not we should leave today. Last night we thought we would but we were assuming we would have a north wind today. We talked back and forth and came up with a final decision (which you can probably guess considering I’m sitting at Starbucks posting stuff to the blog), we’ll leave Friday!...who knows how long that idea will last but that was the decision.

Brenda and I walked all over Nassau today and i swear I’ll never walk again haha but we had fun shopping and looking around.

OHH and all of us at the Rum Cake Store...again :P
(GREAT RUM CAKES...but not as good as my Papa C's Rum balls)



urmum said...

Thank you for remembering my B-Day.
Got your message. Sorry I wasn't home. Had to spend my birthday doing baton stuff. Go Figure???

Glad to see you are finally warm!

Love You!

Sammeh said...

you're like devoured in that picture
all I see is your face XD
mmm rummm~<33

P.S - Happy Birthday Niki's Mom (I know delayed but I tried)