Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 162

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I quickly dingyed up to the office at 9 to buy a visor I spotted yesterday and we left Warderick Wells at 10 this morning.

It was a great motor from Warderick to our destination, Staniel Cay. Grama and I laid sun tanning on the foredeck most of the way.

When we got to Staniel Cay we decided to take a dock and charge the batteries so it will be easier to stay on top of the problem. We took a dock at the Yacht Club and Brandaris followed us in. Say Yes and Windswept decided to anchor just out from us.

Things were looking good. We were all happy....and we plugged into shore power and NOTHING! The charger isn’t working. So now we have a very tiny charge going to the batteries from the inverter (not enough to stay on top of it) AND NO charge going to the batteries from shore power.

When Say Yes came around to head into town for bread we just said to Wendy that we needed hugs lol. It ended up that Dave stayed and helped Papa check things out and us girls went to town. We walked everywhere, got bread, checked out the air strip, checked the prices to fly back to the States and went into a little art shop/trailer.

Then Brenda found us and apparently the boys were willing to take us out for supper tonight so she needed our orders. She had the Yacht Club special Valentines menu and we needed to have our orders in before 4 (so in a 1/2h). Wendy had apparently already taken food out for dinner but Grama and I agreed to have supper with Walter and Brenda.

From here we met everyone in the yacht club bar/office (you don’t normally see those two together! Lmao but seriously you get your dock assignment from the bar and you pay for the dockage there too) and pretty much spent the night there lmao. Eventually we borrowed a step down plug from Walter and I could charge my laptop! I haven’t had it charged since Nassau! Lol.

To all of you who I was chatting with and told you to read the blog tomorrow that it would be to date I apologize but the internet cut out and you had to pay for it so needless to say it didn’t happen.

The Valentines supper was GREAT! With good salads (it was a slice of cantaloupe with some citricey type of coleslaw, sounds weird I know but it was really good!) our main dish was great as well and we had (not that we needed it because we were soo full) a coconut cream pie for dessert.

We chatted for a while after supper and then I stole away to get on the internet. Lol. And I wasn’t on long before it cut out on me =[.


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Sammeh said...

awes stupid lack of the internet
and stupid me for not updating and looking at your blog.
I feel bad.
like I'm over 20 updates behind x.x
I am trying~ :D

but the dinner does sound lovely
and happy valentine's to you babe~ even though this is forever behind! xD