Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 159

We had a lateish start at 10:30 and had a pleasant motor/sail down to Warderick. It wasn’t long before we were entering the cut and entering the mooring field. On our way in we had a little bird come and land right next to Papas hand on a line (starboard jib sheet to be specific) not even 4”away! Papa turned and scared him and he came and landed even closer to me on the lifeline! It was cute :P.

Warderick Wells I think is the most beautiful spot we’ve been in!
When we got to our assigned mooring ball we had a little trouble picking it up (as in I hurt my hand and half of the boat hook we had broke off and was lost in the water) and eventually a dingy from Pipe Dream came over to help us and rescued our boat hook. The current had been so strong! I would have been embarrassed but we’ve picked up so many mooring balls flawlessly and have seen the best sailors have trouble, we’re allowed to have a bad day too! Lol.

Grama got us some lunch and we watched Marg do her dingy test. EVERYONE needs to do a dingy test before going out to snorkel for the first time in a while! The dingy test is just to see if you can get out of the water and into the dingy in deep water. It’s not as easy as you think! And if you don’t do the dingy test and you find yourself in the middle of nowhere at a reef snorkelling and you can’t get in...well you have to be towed to shore and let’s just say it isn’t pretty :P, although neither is getting into the dingy lmao no one can do it gracefully! Ohh and Marg easily passed btw =].

Well having seen Margret in the water we decided we HAD to go swimming =], even Grama got in! (for those of you who are unaware Grama is not comfortable in the water and doesn’t swim).

It was a fun time and later Grama pointed out that we had done a good job at conserving water so we were going to be allowed a hot shower! Not just a cold rinse.

Before we left this morning Brenda and Walter accidently punctured a big hole in their since they couldn’t dingy over to another boat Bob told them we’d just go there for happy hour lmao. Grama and I were surprised they were going along with it since Walter really wanted (and needed) to get the problem fixed.

Later it was decided that since Walter was busy we would have happy hour aboard Windswept minus the crew on Brandaris =[.


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Sammeh said...

so I still don't know what the dingy is :]
no matter how many times you've told me xD
I wish I could swim!
but I do have to say the weather here is better than what it was :D