Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 154

Well we had our early morning meeting like normal except I slept through it x]. Since I’m typing this and posting it to the blog we obviously haven’t left yet lol.

We did a walk around today except going the opposite way we usually do and went away from town. It was very pretty walking to west end of the island and looking out at the ocean. We didn’t go very far though before we turned around and went back to the boat.

This morning Dave (Say Yes) seemed a little disappointed that we haven’t done a happy hour with everyone in a while so we decided to make up a plate of cheese and crackers, grab drinks and bring a happy hour to him x]. I was in the middle of doing hw when they left to head over to Say Yes but I quickly finished and grabbed a drink and followed. When i was heading down the dock towards Say Yes I noticed Wendy and Dave returning from town...I was kinda confused but I assumed that they must have gone to Brandaris instead lol, but when i got to Brandaris there was no one home. I decided to walk the dock and see who’s boat they got on and I eventually found them on... =[ brain fart -_- I can’t remember the name of Dan’s boat (sorry Dan) lmao but we met him and his wife and his son in Bimini. We sat there for a while and eventually decided to go back to Nice Butt, at about 5:30ish. On the way back we saw Wendy and Dave and we were invited 7:30 we finally left and headed back to the butt lmao. From there on it was a fairly uneventful.


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Sammeh said...

lol brain farts are awesome :D
I wanna see more picture of teh ocean~ :]