Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 161

Another day in paradise x]. We had another alternator meeting this morning this time we had the all men from our flotilla on board checking different things out. We eliminated more possibilities but still haven’t figured out the problem =[. Our batteries are very low and we are all worried about our refrigeration.
We headed into the island for a while. I laid on the beach while Papa and Grama took a walk. When they came back they had met up with Windswept and Say Yes. Apparently when they were making their way towards the blow hole they were at the bottom of a hill and all of a sudden Grama goes ‘that was Bob’s hat!’ lol and once they made it over the hill and down the other side to the blow hole they found Bob and Margret. The hole had shot Bob’s hat at least 15-20’ in the air! Of course Grama and Papa had to lean over and try and apparently Bob had those pics too lol.

When we went back to the boat i FINISHED my physics x] (well everything i can do without constant internet, which is 95%), umm Papa tried to fry himself while checking the connections on the batteries, and Grama did little things here and there.

Then we decided to go over to the main reef one more time and this time saw 2 male lobsters fighting over a female...well the female was in the cave and the other male kept trying to get in the cave so that’s what we assumed was happening. I laughed as Grama and I sat watching with interest, we must be going through TV withdrawal because that was like watching a soap x]. The one lobster ended up losing half of one of his long whisker thingys (don’t laugh at me you know what I mean! lol). We also saw a BIG barracuda and some large houndfish...I was intrieged, seeing them for the first time(the barracuda mainly), but... I didn’t go very close regardless...those things have attacked humans before...although I’m not worried about nurse sharks or large sting rays, figure that one out.

Say Yes elected that it was their turn to host happy hour and we had a great time lol but man I was tired! After all the fresh air and swimming and snorkelling, ohh I forgot to mention I’ve done a morning swim the past couple of days x], I was ready for bed!

Another thing I have neglected to mention is how amazingly bright the stars are here! The only light being very small dim anchor lights and the light from the stars and moon...I have never seen so many stars.


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Sammeh said...

yay for finishing your physics? xD
and oh noes no battery burns =[
so come up with a story about those two lobster's fighting over the female
its an awesome soap opera~
and to be an awesome twist
she slept with another man :O
oh noes~