Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 164

Well with the weather we decided to head out by 7:30 and we were ready anchored up and circling at 7:30. But Brandaris unfortunately had their dingy line wrap around their prop and Brenda had to dive to untie it...which is NOT easy =/.

By 8:oo we were underway heading out the cut. We headed down to Georgetown and made it there in good time. Unfortunately our alternator didn’t work again =[.We anchored near Victoria Lake and Denis and Karen came right out to visit with us =]. We had a nice chat and they headed over to Brandaris.

Later on we were invited to a happy hour around 4:45. So in the meantime we decided to check out the grocery store and a bit of town. We walked around and found some neat little craft places and then headed over to Southern Cross.

We had a great happy hour. Karen had a lot of great appetizers and Say Yes brought over a bottle of campaign to celebrate our arrival in Georgetown. WE MADE IT!! Lol. Now the only thing that could be better would be if Sinn Fein (who is now in Melbourne, near Orland, and taking Maria to Disney), Whippoorwill (who has now returned to Miami!!) and Vertigo (who went back to Miami with Whippoorwill) would get their butts over here!! The only member of our group of 7 that I haven’t accounted for is Grace C who are up in the Abacos.

It’s getting a little rolly tonight but all is good =].


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Sammeh said...

so how many out of the seven do you have with you?
well you might have more with you now >>
not sure.
thats good that you got to georgetown :D