Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 131- WE’RE BACK!! Lol

Well ok we’ve been back a few days but I haven’t been able to find time to sit and write for the blog.

Our trip home was a lot of fun. My uncle Dave picked us up at the airport in Buffalo when we flew home on Dec 15th. We stayed with Aunt Karen, Uncle Dave and Winnie until Wed when we drove up to St. Thomas and went separate ways. I Stayed with some friends, while Grama went with her sister Aunt Brenda to pick up my Great Grama Wonch lol and Papa just went to Aunt Connie’s.

I ended up staying with friends for quite a while lmao. Fattie and Bryn’s parents LOVE me xD. I almost thought i would be adopted at Bryns haha.

I spent Christmas at my mothers in Brampton =] while Grama and Papa spent Christmas in Blenheim at my Aunt Connie’s. On New Years us Kentners celebrated the New Year and Christmas lol so it was ALOT of fun xD.
From there I went to visit my Dad and family <3 while Grama and Papa went to Meaford for a family matter. And then i was off to my Auntie J’s for almost a week (she make GREAT shortbread cookies x], I brought some back on the boat with me).
After all that I got to be a part of my little sisters 11th birthday party =].

We had a great time...but it was COLD! Lol so it was nice to fly back to Fort Pierce Florida where 80° and sunshine were waiting.

Since we’ve been back the boat has been turned upside down and inside out. We’ve been packing and organizing (not that anyone but us would think it was organized), we’ve bought hundreds of dollars worth of groceries and beer and wine lmao, so we’re all stocked up to head over to the islands =].

We’re planning on leaving tomorrow morning to head down to Miami and meet up with some of our convoy and wait for a good weather window.


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Sammeh said...

so I thought that you meant that the boat actually flipped over o.o
and I was like wtf? xD
I wish I was where you were its so cold here x.x
I want mah summer nao