Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 138

Something about today wasn’t right from the moment I woke up...ITS FREEZING COLD!!! LIKE THERE’S A FREEZE WARNING IN MIAMI!!! >_>

Well today we did groceries. It’s the first time we’ve been out in about here but grocery shopping isn’t very exciting be honest i didn’t think we had room.

We had sooo many groceries lol. I had a backpack (and not a tiny back pack either) where we packed in canned goods and milk and all sorts of other things and then I had 2 bid boat bags full of stuff and Grama had a cooler bag and a big boat bag to carry...and we had to walk and take busses to get back to the boat. Needless to say we were exhausted be the time we got back....and then we had to find room for them -_-

This started a HUGE organizing frenzy. Since we’re planning on leaving on Fri we need to remove all cardboard from the boat (bugs are bad in the island so you don’t take any cardboard onboard to prevent cockroaches and ants etc.)...this is easier said than done. We had to pull EVERYWHERE we had food apart. And we got the vacuum packer out and spent quite a while re organizing everything.

When we finally finished we headed up to the club house to have happy hour with the gang. Bob even agreed to take me snorkelling in Bimini =]


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Sammeh said...

haha I can see you with your hair up in like a ponytail with a bandana on tryin to clean your boat.
Its a kinda funny picture in my head.
You better be happy that I'm commenting xD