Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 132

Well it was an earlier morning then we’ve had in about a month lol but still a late morning for a sailor....i think readjusting to boat hours is going to be as painful as it was before’s a very fair statement to say I’m NOT a morning person!

We headed over to the fuel dock for a pump out before we got underway and noticed a familiar boat named ‘Merku’ (...i think that’s how you spell it =/...if not srry Brett!) from Cleveland. Brett and Jill were still in bed so we asked the hand (*roles eyes at Aunti J* :P inside joke) how long they had been there. Apparently they’d been on the dock for a month with engine problems and somehow while we were there we hadn’t run into them. Papa quickly left a note saying hi and we headed off down the ICW.

A few hours later Brett hailed us on the VHF and we had a nice chat. Hopefully we’ll meet up at some point in time.

The stretch of the ICW that we accomplished today had quite a few bridges which generally makes for a slower day. Considering we did exceptionally well and only were held up at 1 bridge for about 20mins. Other than that we just cruised along.

At the moment we’re docked at Lake Park Harbour Marina. The winds have been out of the north so it’s cooled down a lot and we’re expecting a chilly night and we want to be plugged in. We’re all kinda being lazy and Grama and I decided that we were too lazy to cook so papa has headed up to call for pizza x] lol...umm i don’t think there’s much more to report...just another day on Nice Butt :P


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Sammeh said...

you take that cold chill
and you like it
I wanna be in the sun.
Yeah I'm totally complaining because I don't want to go outside and shovel like 60cm of snow, so I can go to work x.x