Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 145

As I already posted we left this morning bright and early...well to start the day off i was not feeling well...AND as we headed out the cut we realized creeper dude was coming with us >_>. Let me tell you I was NOT impressed!

We weren’t even a mile out when we realized creeper had given up and gone back to Bimini. His little boat couldn’t keep up with the big guys. Thank god!

Unfortunately Tony and Diane on Vertigo also had to turn back as well =[. Their alternator died and they were taking on water =/. We all expected Tony, who is good at tinkering and fixing engines, to throw out the hook and attempt to fix it right there but when he said that he looked at it and thought he should go back to Bimini we started to worry about them. Whippoorwill elected themselves to head back with them for safety as well as company. For a while we were undecided whether or not we should head back with them as well but we ended up pressing on with Bob on windswept and our new friends on Say Yes.

It was a rolly day with swells but it wasn’t choppy. Grama a few times seemed to be a little sea sick and well myself.... not having felt well originally...well let’s just say I don’t think I was a pleasure to be around and I spent most of the day down below sleeping or trying to sleep.

We anchored on the banks just as the sun was setting and it was an amazing sight. On the banks there is no land as far as the eye can see and the stars.... I don’t think there are words that do justice to ho amazing they were... I was still feeling ill and I even told Grama just to shoot me lol and I laid on the foredeck and for a few minutes forgot about how I felt because I have never seen so many stars. The moon was a hook moon and the stars extended all the way down and seemed to touch the water on the horizon. It was hard to tell where the water began and the sky ended.

But coming back to reality stunk lol. Papa had a talk on the VHF with Windswept and Say Yes and since we all want to be in Nassau tomorrow before dark we’re going to have to be up LONG before the crack of dawn. And not only do we have to pull up anchor in the morn, we have to lift the dingy out of the water and put it on the foredeck and secure it because towing it costs you speed and if we were to tow it we wouldn’t have a chance at making Nassau before nightfall.

It was a rolly restless night. Being way out here the air is soo moist you clothing gets so damp that you toss and turn and wake up every hour tops to either pull the comforter over you or throw it off. You can never find the right temperature. I have the V-berth which is the part of the boat that most feels the up and down motion from the waves and I’ll give papa credit he did offer for me to sleep in the aft cabin with Grams but being sick I needed my space and wanted my room...whether that was a wise choice or not I’m not sure lol.

OHHH WAIT!!! I almost forgot!! I was sleeping in the cockpit and all of a sudden Grama was saying my name and coming over to get me up. I was...not in a good mood because sleeping was the only way not to feel nauseous but knowing this I tried not to be snarky and I was just opening my mouth to... well... nicely inform her i was not feeling well and getting me up was not only cruel but way uncalled for... lmao... I’ll admit I’m not pleasant to be around when I’m not feeling well...but i was cut short when I saw how excited she was telling me to look and pointing off in the distance. She was so excited all she could really say was look like the word she wanted was on the tip of her tongue... and then just as she told me what i was looking for I saw 2 dolphins jump clear out of the water and a group of them were making their way over to the boat. What Grama muttered were like magical words lmao I instantly forgot my nausea and quickly got up to the bow (forgetting the camera mind you =[ ). Not all the dolphins came over to the boat but 5 swam with the bow briefly and a few more swam alongside the boat. Another not very close to the boat jumped again... It was AMAZING lol. Being able to see clear down to the bottom in 20’ of was like looking at dolphins through the glass at Marineland. This only lasted about 2-3 minutes (which seemed like 20-30seconds) before they were bored and moved on. As they went through our wake they all took turns jumping several feet out of the water. I ended up just sitting on the foredeck almost in disbelief...wild dolphins jumping 3’ out of the water not even 10’ away from the boat. Eventually reality kicked in again lol and I was back to being miserable...although I did thank Grama for getting me up lol.

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Sammeh said...

awes *huggles niki* feel better soon~
LOL at the creepy guy.
I wish you got pictures of that night with the stars ♥
the way you describe it reminds me of POTC3 ♥
ily&imy <3