Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 144

Today was pretty much a lazy day. Grama and i walked the beach (almost all 7 miles of it =/ and then we had to turn around) while the boys went to town. And then we just laid on the beach for a while, with the creeper watching >_> and once we noticed him we left! We walked into town...and who should appear CREEPER!!!

When we got back to the marina there was a long discussion about our plans for the next few days. It’s going to take us roughly 3 days to get to Nassau and there is another front coming through with winds in excess of 30knots...aka LOTS OF WIND!! (We had 50knots when hurricane Ike came through back in the NY canal system and 10-15knots is rough weather) So if we leave tomorrow it might be crappy but we’ll be in Nassau for the storm...if the weatherman says it’s too nasty we’re stuck in Bimini until Monday....which Diane doesn’t seem excited about...and yes I’m ready to move on but we’re on an island in paradise! Why complain?

Tonight we sat around the salon and watched a few episodes of ‘I Love Lucy’ lmao and were lazy. We have to be up at 6am regardless so I’m heading to bed. Good Night =]



Sammeh said...

well you're probably not able to now, but you should of totally got a sneaky picture of the creeper because that would of been really funny :D
♥and awes storms are no fun =[

NiceButt_Sailing said...

hahaha he wasnt that bad looking actually =/ just creepy

Sammeh said...