Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 146

4:00am We’re all wide awake and thinking we should get outa bed.

4:50am We’ve all gotten up and gotten ready and we’ve started to raise the anchor.

5:20am Dingy is lifted and we’re underway. Say Yes is just ahead of us leading the way. It’s pitch black and the stars we were marvelling at last night seem to be shining brighter than ever (I’m also feeling ALOT better) and I’m starting to like the idea of possibly night sailing because it is so beautiful. I’m also searching the water and our wake for signs of glowing jellyfish =].

5:45am I think I can make out light on the horizon (I can’t see as many stars there as I could before)

6:00am Yep there’s definitely light starting to show on the horizon, we can make out shapes of clouds

6:21am There’s finally a peachy glow on the horizon.

7:01am All of a sudden the sun peaks over the horizon and within minutes is climbing into the sky.

We crossed the tongue of the ocean today and we expected to have a wonderful sailing day but unfortunately the wind was too close to the nose so we had trouble carrying the main and the jib and the jib kept back winding the main =[. We played with the sails constantly because when things were going good we could get a knot of lift off the sails but it was a lot of tinkering(Out motor is running at our cruising speed the whole time mind you). We started with a full main and jib, and then we put a double reef in the main because it kept back winding, which worked for a while. And then we rolled in the jib.

All this time Bob has been way out of sight back at the anchorage. But of course he can easily catch us. He all of a sudden appears off our port quarter and within minutes is abeam of us. And then seeming to add insult he rolls in his jib and just motors past >_> lmao. Soon enough he’s gone from sight.

Eventually Grama and I convinced Papa to shake a reef out of the main and we immediately picked up another .5of a knot.

It was 5:00pm on the button when we pulled into a slip at Nassau Harbour Club, a slip that also happened to be next to Brandaris!! After we got settled I walked to the other dock owned by the Harbour club to find Say Yes and tell them we were in and settled. Bob decided to go out and anchor in front of the Yacht Club, which isn’t very far away (we can see Windswept). We chatted for a while, and had showers and went over to meet Bob at the Yacht Club for supper. It was a full night and let me tell you we were soo ready for bed I crawled into my V-berth and didn’t even change out of my shorts and tank lol they were comfy enough lol I just went straight to sleep.



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Sammeh said...

lol you told it like a story xD
it was kinda amusing
the pictures are quite pretty <3
hope you have fun in nassau :]