Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 141 part 2 WE’RE IN THE BAHAMAS MON!!! Lmao

So at first Grama and I kept have we gotten ourselves into?!?! It was rocky and rolly when we started out and we had 10-15 knots of winds...needless to say we weren’t sure if today was going to be good.

But eventually we made it out of the slop and it became a nice sail. Officially at 12:15pm we could no longer see the Miami high rises. I both liked and disliked the fact that there was no land in sight...on the one hand it’s exhilarating to be able to go and do what you want...but...theres that little voice that screams ‘THERES NO FREAKIN LAND ANYWHERE!!!’

At 1:40 Grama half yelled LAND HO!!! And around 330 we were nicely tied to a dock and filling out paperwork....well it wasn’t too easy coming in with our depth reader throwing a hissy fit >_>. Lol.

We’ve had a pretty good night. Made friends with the boat in the next slip who gave out free pina coladas. Had Tony, Diane and Bob over for supper. And i am soooo ready for bed haha. So g’night!! <33



windswept said...

Heard about your snorkel day. Dive site for you:The famous Atlantis Road is right there in Bimini. Give co-ordinates to Uncle Bob.
The Atlantis Road, or Bimini Road is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bimini because of the mystery surrounding the site. In the 1930s, an American psychic named Edgar Cayce reported that he had spoken with a person who had lived in the Lost City of Atlantis in a former life. This Atlantean told Cayce that Atlantis had been near Bimini. Cayce predicted that portions of the temples of Atlantis would become visible near Bimini in '68 or '69. When a private pilot flying over the waters near North Bimini reported seeing a strange parallel structure in shallow water, many people believed these were either walls from Atlantis or a mysterious road leading to Atlantis. And thus the mystery of the Atlantis Road was born.
N 25° 45.995'
W 079° 16.712'

NiceButt_Sailing said...

LOL i was sooo confused when i started to read your comment! when i saw windswept i immediately though of Bob. Thank you guys im going to see if we can get out there tomorrow =] it'll be fun

Sammeh said...

LOL you be awesome pirates thar panda~ :D
apparently you're papa is non-existent in this little fiasco x.x
what happened to him?
pfft you and you're free pina coladas x.x