Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 142

The commercials are right, it’s better in the Bahamas!!! This morning we slept in lol. Papa wasn’t even outa bed until the sun was fully up! We had breaky, launched the dingy and headed out to the can’t describe how breathtaking the water is here. I’ve watched the movie Into the Blue (Great movie!!! lmfao Shelb and Shi) several times and i never really believed the water was that clear and such an amazing aqua colour. It’s incredible being able to stand on the boat in 20’ of water and see the bottom perfectly clear.

I look retarded like im going to eat Bob -_-

At 2 Bob took me to some huge rocks a mile off the shore by Bimini Bay and we went snorkelling. We saw at least 5000 FISH!!!(and yes Candice I did count there were 5047 to be exact -_- ) I’ve decided that I really REALLY want an underwater camera lol.
By the time we went back to the boat I was exhausted (don’t tell Papa I admitted that! lmao). We had a happy hour over on Windswept but I was tired and left a little early lol.


Sammeh said...

I have to say thats pretty sad that you actually counted xD
:p dork
the pictures are quite nice though ♥ its so pretty.
I wish I was there ♥♥

NiceButt_Sailing said...

hahaha no i didnt actually count:P i just told candice that x] <3