Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 139

We got to move to the dock today!! Lol, but first we needed to go to a marina where we could get fuel. After that was all taken care of we made it onto the dock and quickly ran to have showers so Grama and i could spend a day on the town.

We took the elevated shuttle bus around the city and then went to some shops. We walked for what seemed like forever and ate some lunch...well brunch lol. After we ate we walked through some more shops and by the time we made it to the grocery store i was tired! Luckily we ran into Bob who gave us a ride back to the boat =].

We had been planning on leaving tomorrow but the guys decided that Sat would be better so we’re going to spend another day here in the COLD Miami =[

Ohh i almost forgot. At some point this evening while watching tv papa broke one of his back molars =/ the filling in the center came out and the tooth cracked in half.... so it’ll be off to the dentist tomorrow!


1 comment:

Sammeh said...

so my brother has silver teeth now xD
he had surgery and has two silver molars :D
just thought I should let you know xD
It's odd that Miami is cold =[
even though I know now you be in the Bahamas XD
ily ♥