Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 1

We're finally underway!!!
left at the 7am bridge
i wanted to take a pic of the King George bridge closing behind us but the batteries in both cameras were dead =[.

Finally leaving and being underway felt soo good none of us could stop smiling =].

The sail was fairly uneventfull minus maria [maria is 11 and another girl going on our trip shes aboard sinn fein with the mcAuleys] and i attempting to have a conversation through signaling eachother from boat to boat lol our attempts failed misserably. a while into the voyage at about port Burwell i fell asleep and didnt get up untill long point lol. when i did finally up i found grama and papa had eaten the tarts without me!!! for thoes of you that are no at the club you need to know jackie donker makes the most amazing mouth watering butter tarts known to mankind!! and she made a dozen for each boat going on the trip and i wanted a tart sooo badly but they were for on the trip and i wasnt allowed any >_> and then they waited untill i was sound asleep!!! we arrived in dover at 6pm and went out for supper and maria slept over and we watched the beverly hills hilbillies lol i think it was the only thing age appropriate lol


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devoureddarkness said...

so I wish you were here so you can eat my brownie cake with me its delicious~ <3
miss you babes~ <3