Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 20

Departure 9am due to fog. Well we left Catskill today and headed down the Hudson River. It was vary picturesque with the mountains and nature, and as Grama would say more water and trees and sky lmao. It was a fairly uneventful day until a huge storm came through lol!
Kathy had found us a marina but it had a bit of a steep price asking 3 dollars a foot (very expensive), Sien Fenn docked , announced our presence and asked ourselves and Grace C what we thought about spending the night here. We opted to dock at the high price due to the oncoming storm but Grace C thought the anchorage would be satisfactory and we spit up.
When we pulled into Newbourgh’s marina there was an extremely strong current and docking was near impossible! Papa was pulled past the slip that was assigned to us and tried to back up to reposition himself but when backing full speed he was held stationary. Finally we repositioned ourselves to try and enter the slip where Kathy, Larry, Maria and a worker were waiting to help us dock. I tossed Larry the bowline hoping he could hold us off of the powerboat beside us but our stern was already on top of the little boat before we could get the stern line ashore. Our bow was plowing into the dock and poor Maria was doing all she could to try and push it off but did not prevail. I waited until the boat was near the dock and jumped ashore and helped Maria and finally together we got the bow safely off the dock, the bow was fine minus the loss of some paint. At this point the boys had managed to get the stern under control and alongside the dock. Grama was hollering for me thinking I had gone overboard lol. Once we attached a ton of spring lines everyone was relieved and starting to wind down. Papa told me to add to the blog “Wind 50 points, Current 50 points, Captain zip” lol. Although Larry piped up and said ‘well there was a landing so you have to give the captain something”, and with that awarded papa 10 points lmao.
As the day progressed, the storm worsened and we began to worry about Grace C’s safety being anchored. We decided to wait an hour and if we didn’t hear from them we’d call and try to persuade them to come in. about a half an hour later we heard Ruth’s voice coming across the radio, they were coming in. We were relieved and waited to assist them in docking. Luckily when the y arrived the current wasn’t as strong and they had a safe easy landing. We settled into our boats for the night hoping our ropes would hold.
Around 8 I finished the book I was reading and desperately looked for something else to focus on. The waves were tossing the boat back and forth and then the ropes would sharply jerk it back, needless to say I was starting to feel queasy and I got the feeling Grama was the same. I decided to try and get internet again using the booster Kathy had given me and went and sat to starboard in the cockpit. Shortly after papa came up and tidied. I didn’t realize why and once he left I moved to port to try and get a better signal there which I did. Suddenly Grama came flying up the stairs and yelled at papa “I thought you said port!” Then realization hit me as to why he had quickly tidied. I took the cord off my laptop and tried to move as quickly as I could out of her way as she dashed for the side of the boat. I felt bad and once she was done she laid along the port side of the cockpit, the zippers on the enclosure undone just in case. I went below and made my way back to my V berth and put my laptop away. I felt like I could lean over the side with her.
I laid in the cockpit across from Grama but after taking some gravol and having a nap she had felt a bit better and headed to bed. I couldn’t go down below. At some point I finally fell asleep and later woke and crawled to my berth.


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devoureddarkness said...

sounds gross D:
thats really sucks when boats are all like hawkews;ed