Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 3

We're underway heading to Buffalo. Departure 7am.

Well lake erie gave us a wonderful send off >_> today was the first time in yrs (infact the only time i ever remember) that i was sea sick =s we had 25knot winds coming from the west to south west and boy was it rocky! We traveled between 7.5 and 8 knots the whole way (which is fast for the boat). We arrived at the erie basin marina at 5pm and grama and i were so happy to be on land we almost kissed the ground lol.
Although i must mention our trip across the lake was a cake walk compared to Sinn Fein's crossing. the alternator broke part way through the trip and the winds were so strong we had put a reef in the main (shortened the sail) but Larry just hoisted the main (the sail)and sailed her all the way to buffalo. The man either has guts or is stupid lol but grama and i wouldnt have the balls to do that.
Once we were safely docked papa tried to convince us to take down the sail, the jib and the boom. i agreed under the condition i got a pina colada =]. Part of taking down the mast it putting a line up on the mast to aid in taking it down.
Which means i had to go up the mast...

Once we completed that tedious task we were all thoroughly exhausted we walked to a restaurant and had a huge meal and my pina colada =]


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devoureddarkness said...

lol you would have a pina colada ;D
and awes niki was seasick =[