Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 14

Departure 7am. Last night was sooo cold there was frost on the deck! We need to get south! Because the air was so cold there was a beautiful but erie steam coming off the water and it was neat to see.
Now before I continue I must mention how tired and stressed everyone is getting and with the early mornings jokes are getting lame and we laugh at and find ourselves saying the lamest stupidest things.
Once we got underway it was hard to see but we noticed a duck that we came very close to running over. At the last possible moment it flew away and I say “good cuz I didn’t want any shredded cheese.”…papa just looked at me with a sly smile and said “or quacker crumbs.” (see Cheese and Quacker’s story on day 5)
Just before the 1st lock of the day we found Larry =] so our little convoy is whole again now that it’s back to 3.
Today we did 6 locks, two 25’ lifts and dropped 16’, 21’ 20’ and 40.5’!!! The 40.5’ lock (lock 17 I believe) is the largest on the canal and one of the largest in the world. Unlike most locks the western gate is a lift door that is pulled up instead of the normal gates which open like two french doors. Personally I think this design looked cool but hated the downside to this design. It drips the dirty slimy gross canal water all over you and your boat! I’ve always laughed at papa for getting upset every time the boats gotten a little dirty because he seems to get soo upset and obsessive that the boat has to remain clean. But after scrubbing the boat a few times and waxing it I was kinda mad just watching the dirty water run down the boat and leave marks everywhere! (don’t tell papa!!!)
This evening we tied up to a wall outside lock 16 and in the middle of nowhere =[ lol oh well I guess I’m getting used to not having wifi and a hot shower every night.


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devoureddarkness said...

haha don't tell papa but doesn't he read this Niki, you just failed epically XD
So where exactly are you like state wise I guess you could say and how much longer do you have until you get to the Bahamas?