Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 18

This morning Papa and Grama let me sleep in, which is a good thing or I might have fallen over halfway through the day lol we were soo busy. Aswell Kathy and Maria arrived with their GG (great Grama)! It was nice to have them back…although Kathy brought with her school books for me to do Physics and Anthropology on the road =[.
We stepped the mast and fueled up and pumped out and then pulled trough some of the rigging. After papa was playing with a few things and I scrubbed the fenders lol the one guy who works here commented that papa couldn’t use the fenders anymore, papa looked very confused and asked why and the guy just laughed and said their way to damn clean to use on a boat! After we carried over the boom, hoisted it up and attached it to the mast. Then we realized the uphaul line was twisted around the halyard. Papa looked at me and I just rolled my eyes, I thought this was supposed to be a fun vacation and I hate heights! But up I went in the bosun’s chair to untangle the line and threaded the flag halyard through the starboard pulley. Once we got that fixed we threaded the sail onto the boom and then the mast, and fought to get the Duchman straight. Then added the batons and the reef lines to the sail and then more rigging, pulling the lines through the appropriate pulleys and back to the cockpit, which by now was a complete and utter disaster! Eventually we got the rigging right and everything in or close to its correct spot and took to cleaning up the cockpit. This took a while and it was late and we were all starving so Kathy said she’d drive us in to pick up pizza so Papa, Ruth, Kathy and I drove in to get the pizza but decided that the Italian place we found looked so good that Kath went to go pic up the rest of the group and we all ate there =] it was great after such a long day to all sit and eat and unwind together =] a good ending to an iffy day.



devoureddarkness said...

that sounds pretty bad D:
and yeah the vacation will be fun once you are at the bahamas :D

Darcon said...

hey there! it sure is nice to be able to read about your adventures! the way papa neglects his email, i would never hear from you! lol. tell him, 'he's got mail' and to be sure to hit the reply button! i was sorry to read about the things that still aren't going right. i was hoping that plague would not follow you on your journey. i'm glad that overall you seem to be enjoying yourselves. miss you all. c.