Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 21

I woke up and felt better than I had last night…that was short lived lol. Papa made breakfast but the thought was enough to send Grama and I over the railing again. Papa made a decision. The storm wasn’t subsiding and obviously us girls we not comfortable so he told us to pack a bag and once there was a lull in the intensity of the waves we would go ashore and find a motel.
We waited for what seemed like forever but even when there was a lull in the waves the boat was riding too far from the dock to get safely ashore. Eventually papa decided to attempt to tie another line from the boat to the dock in hopes of pulling and tying the boat as close to the dock as possible. I volunteered to go ashore.
Once safely on the dock papa through me a line and I wrapped it on a cleat and pulled but couldn’t get the boat more than half a foot closer to the dock. Even with papas help and pulling together she didn’t want to budge. I convinced papa that instead of me getting back on the boat he should hand me the bags and id put them safely on the main dock and then id help Grama down onto the dock from the bow. On our way to shore we notified Grace C of our departure as well as Sinn Fein. While talking to Kathy we found out that in the night they had snapped a couple of lines =/. We got to shore and almost instantly I felt a little better. We walked into the restaurant there and inquired about hotels in the area and received a book of different accommodations. In the book we found a place called the Garden Hilton and immediately called a taxi.
From the road you could tell that it was a newer hotel and in the book it had mentioned a hot tub and swimming pool =]. Check-in was at 3pm and by now it was only 1130 but they let us into our room anyways.
Once we got settled and I had noticed the fee wifi and internet plug in ;] we headed down to the restaurant. Grama and I were starving! We were the only customers for lunch, but that’s not unusual for a hotels 6 tabled restaurant. Although after a while we began to wonder if that was the actual reasoning for the lack of customers. The waitress first gave us a couple of menus to look at but promptly came back and told us they were the wrong ones and took them back…no big deal they were the supper menus and they were through serving lunch in a half hour so it was an easy mistake…then she informed us that she had no idea where the menus were. After about 5mins of looking she located the menus and asked us what we would like to drink. Grama asked for a Caesar but then remembered that we were in the states and asked for a Bloody Mary, the waitress said she might be able to find someone to do that but she had no idea how to make a drink, Papa followed Grama and I asked if they served Pina Coladas and she said yes so I excitedly decided upon that. After another 5mins of looking for someone to make the drinks she came back to inform me that they did not serve Pina Coladas and I just ordered a root beer. When the drinks finally arrived papa mistakenly asked what the soup of the day was and again the waitress took off for 5mins to find the chef (It turned out to be a butternut squash). Then while ordering Grama asked which meal was better the one she was getting or another dish and the girl just told us that she doesn’t eat their food other then the wings and they’re really good she ate them all the time. I asked if I could get a small salad before my meal and she told me not a prob. She ordered our meals she came back just to chat and then informed us that she had to pee so she was leaving us for a moment to go to the washroom. I just looked at Grama and Papa…I swear my 10yr old sister is waaayyy more mature then her but she was trying and giving 150% effort, and as Papa stated “I thought this must be her first day alone on the job but she told us she eats the wings all the time and she’s been here a while!”The food we found to be excellent, well Grama and I found the food excellent, apparently she didn’t order papas and he had to wait a while for his food lmao, which turned out o be excellent as well. We were just happy to get off the boat lol and in a way laughed with her when she made mistakes because she was not at all embarrassed with anything and acted like we had known each other all our lives.
When we had finished eating we were ready for the hot tub! Where our room was we were only a few doors down from it =]. We excitedly walked over and headed into the hot tub and found it was as cold as an outdoor pool! The swimming pool was even colder =[ papa used the phone they had by the door that called the front desk and a guy came out to put some hot water in the hot tub. once he was done it was like a cool bath but oh well we were on land!
Around suppertime we decided to give the restaurant another try and had a different waitress which seemed to know what she was doing lol and again the food was great! After we ate Grama decided to try and type out an email to send to Aunt Connie but for some reason Grama and emails don’t work lmao they end up not sending and flying around in cyber space, and I know she sent it properly because I did it with her lmao! Other then that the night was uneventful and I slept sooo well in my queen sized bed I had all to myself =]


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devoureddarkness said...

hahah its like you're in a house full of luxuries now from how you describe the hotel, compared to the boat ;D
and lol at the waitress, reminds me of the girls at lazensa they are very smart with stuff in there xD, but they are sooo nice. xD