Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 10

830am departure. Papa let me sleep because we never really went to bed. I laid in the cockpit all night and around 730am I went down to my V berth. Let me tell you if that was the end of Hurricane Ike I wouldn’t want to be caught in it when it was at full strength!!! Here there were trees and hydro polls knocked over a plane was upside down in the water it was crazy!
Today has been pretty crummy raining off and on and just a depressing looking day. Although we did spot Santa! Lol, I don’t know who would put out Christmas decorations this time of yr but there he was lol.
We did 2 locks (one 11’ and the other 6.9’) and roughly 4knots the whole way due to Dick’s transmission problems. We docked at Ess-kay marina which is said to be the best place for mechanics on the canal as well as having the cheapest fuel. But they captured my heart with good wifi and hot showers =]!!! They have told us that they can’t work on Grace C until wed but with the showers and wifi I don’t really mind lol. Once we got in and docked papa spent what seemed like forever checking the oil filters and some water filter. But it was an ok day all in all =]


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devoureddarkness said...

well who wouldn't want to celebrate christmas now ;D
its seems like only hot showers and wifi will keep you content XD