Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 19

We were planning on leaving to head towards NYC today but the plans went a little south...unlike us lol. When I got up I found that Grama had already convinced Papa to finally look at the vent coming from the holding tank… apparently not being able to smell shit was a bad thing lol. So papa tried to find a block but had no luck with that and went to tinkering below in the head (the head is the washroom on a boat). The whole boat stunk but I guess it should be reassuring to me cuz Mr. Caldwell (my Gr.9 English teacher at PCI) back home always smelled (jks lmao I <3 Mr. Caldwell)!
Eventually the tinkering seemed to do more damage than good and papa became very frustrated, not that I blame him. And he put Grama in charge of fixing it and that didn’t do any good either the thing was broken. Papa was kinda discouraged and I think he wanted to fix something and have it fixed and there was a list of stuff to do so he took to work on the engine which I never heard anything about so I think it went well…*knocks on wood*! Papa then went to wash down the boat and Grama and I noticed one of the hatches was bowed and water was leaking in. at this Grama and I decided to just get off the boat! We had made a grocery list and were going to head to wallmart! (it seems to be the only big store in the towns we visit) Kathy needed to go aswell as Ruth so we all piled into Kathy’s car and left.
When we returned to the boat nothing was said about the days’ events or what had happened while we were away and I guess Grama and were too nervous to ask lol. But I should head to bed because we depart tomorrow morn at 7am come hell or high water!



devoureddarkness said...

you better go to NYC :D
its pretty :3
and Mr. Caldwell still smells bad x]
I told him that we will get him his soap haha.

Dennis said...

Hi Nikki,
Southern Cross reporting in. We are in Sandy Hook waiting for the weather to turn around. Nice place; great shower, cheap beer & wine, town is close by, so is the laundry. Hope we see you soon.

Stephen and Terry KIng said...

Hi! from the sailors left at home. Love reading your adventures. Stay safe! Best wishes! Terry and Steve King